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    Couple of my babies...

    Hey Mainely Broken, I MUST know the location of the Moxie Festival!!!!!! That is something I HAVE to see! [sm=lol.gif]
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    Medicines before 1900 ?? Price Guide.

    I would LOVE if the next one had "last date sold". I actually care more about the age than the price--sometimes I just wanna know the price because it gives me a hint on the age, sort of. Re: The binding, anything that lets it open completely flat is great.
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    Couple of my babies...

    Okay, so now I know that Moxie tastes like: 1. Ipecac (the impression I got from the internet)[:'(]; OR 2. Chicken[:-]; or 3. Gator[:o]; or 4. Possum[>:]; or 5. Coke + Root Beer & a little bitter[8D]. I hope you're right, Miles!!!!! PS: It was SO fun to open Gutherhess' book &...
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    bottles dug

    Beautiful cobalts...why do they make any other color? [:)][8D][:D]
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    Couple of my babies...

    I gotta try that stuff![:'(][:D]
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    It's a few hundred to start, getting certified & renting your gear. BUT, in the long run, you can entertain yourself all weekend long on $6 worth of air. Pays for itself quickly! Sometimes you can find gear to rent for a whole summer to figure out what you like. If not, my approach to saving...
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    March '06 Minnesota Bottle Sale/Show

    Sunday, March 26, 2006 9:30 - 2:30, Days Inn 1901 Killebrew Drive, Bloomington, MN. North Star Historical Bottle Assoc. & Minnesota's 1st Antique Bottle Club's 35th Annual Antique Bottle, Advertising and Stoneware Show and Sale. $3.00 admission Info: 612-721-4165 or 952-920-4205...
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    Help on Confusing Ball

    Wow! Thanks! I printed your email, and wouldn't you know, I just found another Ball jar which may be's bleaching downstairs. When it's all cleaned up, I sit down w/ your email & try to figure it out. [:D]
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    Boxing Day Digging

    Does anybody know what the ingredients for "Golden Eye Ointment"? I just ask because I know a person who was told to put a medicine actually containing gold dust in her eyes (this was in Pakistan or India, at least 20 years ago), and it ruined her vision for good. Maybe the same recipe is...
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    Looking for info. on river bottles

    When you say there are "oval marks" on the bottom of a couple of these, do you mean like a pontil, or a machine mark from when it was made, or do you mean there is a little embossed maker's mark on the bottom? Is the "25" inside the oval on the bottom of one bottle? Is the slash mark through...
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    More diving finds

    I am sooooooo jealous! [sm=tongue.gif]
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    cashe found

    Looks like you found them just in time, too--I've heard of people finding black goo that USED TO BE bills, but were too rotted for the bank to identify & honor. Congrats!
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    Chemical bottle

    But beautiful, nonetheless!
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    Security Remedy Co. Minn.

    Beautiful bottle! Doesn't come up as ever incorporated in Minnesota under that name. I tried security remedy, cure, medicine, & pharma-. Nothin. Does it have a maker's mark on the bottom or the heel at all?
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    United States Bottling Co.

    Maybe you could try researching the address? If you live in New York, you should be able to go to the Title Examiner's or Registrar of Title's Office & trace the property back. Or, if they were incorporated, they might be searchable on the Secretary of State's site....[8|]
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    embossed 1923 Dec 25 Coca Cola Unopened

    Here's what the "ROOT" means: "Root Glass Company, Terre Haute, IN (1901-1932)..." from
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    1923 Dec 25 Unopened Coke Bottle

    You'll get the best answers if you post a picture, but short of that, if you exactly, precisely, type out every word on the bottle, including the bottom, and also say if there are little embossed lines connecting the city & state on the bottom, and post it on the "sodas.." forum, one of the soda...
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    Who is this guy???

    This is on a friend's boat on the way to a muck dive for bottles last summer...
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    Listerine Bottle, What year?

    Hey UP, Here's info on the maker's mark from "Diamond with 2-, 3-, or 4-digit number or letter & numbers combination within it...Illinois Glass Company, Alton, IL, (1873-1929)...."
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    Who is this guy???

    Hi Wayne, I dive the local lakes every Sunday from April until ice--the last dive this year was 12/4/05 (shallow, zero-visibility, muck dives for bottles). I always do a really short January shore dive in Lake Superior, and an ice-dive locally in February. Then a week warm-water diving...

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