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    Wooden Case of 40 lightning top Anheuser Busch Brewing Assn Lynchburg VA

    Thanks for the link. I don't think the two variants I have are there though. Half the crate are crowns. See pics Am I right about the date? Any thoughts on value or where to sell? I'm not really a beer collector and I figure there must be people that collect old bud bottles etc.
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    Wooden Case of 40 lightning top Anheuser Busch Brewing Assn Lynchburg VA

    I recently picked up this cool wooden case with 40 bottles. There are two types of lightning top bottles with the circular logo / trademark in the middle or shoulder of the bottle. The case and the bottles all state that they are from Lynchburg VA. I can't find much info on these bottles, but I...
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    S.O.S (Support Our Site)

    I finally found a link to donate on the new badge area. I never found an "all facts" page, but I do surf on an iPad. Thanks for donating this bottle to the site (and my collection) It's a great bottle although it's not a type of bottles I normally collect. I hope more people that use the...
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    S.O.S (Support Our Site)

    Guys - I still can't find the way to donate. I don't know where the "all facts" page is. I can send a check. Let me know.
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    Early European bottles for sale

    I'm interested. Please pm me
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    S.O.S (Support Our Site)

    Where do I go to donate to the site? I can't find the link with the new layout. Someone let me know. Thanks,
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    Old bottle from the FL keys

    Cool bottle. Any thoughts from members about cleaning or leaving coral/growths on bottles and value?
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    S.O.S (Support Our Site)

    I'll keep the bidding going at 27.50
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    Fall Sale

    Got all my bottles. They all arrived in one piece. Thanks for the great packing job and the bottles
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    Fish Bottles?

    I'm into fish and maritime themed bottles. There are a number of cod liver bottles and some non bitter fish bottles. Avon marlin
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    Webb Cobalt Ink Bottle - Help needed

    Nice find. Where you looking for bottles or just snorkeling?
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    25 Year Soda Bottle Collection For Sale

    Do you have any Neblitts bottles for sale or trade?
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    Swirled Colbalt Flask on eBay

    Thanks guys. I found this great article. Anyone know how to tell if its real nailsea glass and what to look for? http://www.bohaglass.co.uk/nailsea-glass/ We need to rename Nailsea Glass to Bolsterstone glass, examples can be seen in the University of Sheffield glass collection...
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    Swirled Colbalt Flask on eBay

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/vintage-Blown-Swirled-Cobalt-Bottle-/221268424630?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3384a037b6 I assume that this bottle/fask is not that old/valuable. Can someone explain what I should look for in these types of flasks and what a real nailsea flask is...
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    Having a BAAAAAAAAAAAADDD day....

    Sucks about your van. Good luck
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    Bermuda CODD Giveaway plus...

    557 696 Thanks for the fun!
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    Key West bottles for sale.

    I'm interested in the demijohn and any embossed KW or FL bottles. If your local, ill come see them.
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    West Virginia Art Deco Coke!!!

    Thanks again for the bottles and your support of the blue pages. The bottles are great and I enjoyed the auction for the site. I encourage others to do this.
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    I don't have any bottles listed in your signature as wanted. What else would you trade for? Cobalt not to be taken?
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    Weekend Finds in Belize

    Cool finds. Here is some info on the brown bottle. I picked one up a few months ago. I was told it contained cod liver oil. It's a medicine. Fredrick Sterns born April 8th, 1831, died January 13th, 1907.big in the pharmaceutical industry. The Fredrick Stearns & Company Building is...

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