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  1. J

    94th Anniversary of the start of Prohibition today

    A gallery of interesting photos from the time: http://news.yahoo.com/pho...-1389817288-slideshow/
  2. J

    Teal Warner's Safe cure Pressburg just ended

    Watched this one more than double in the end. What a color. Wowzer.... http://www.ebay.com/itm/W..._trksid=p2047675.l2557
  3. J

    Green bowling pin bottle. Swiss bitters?

    I've had an opportunity to purchase a old green bowling pin bottle. Looks like a Swiss or Swedish bitters bottle from the looks of the diagram of the embossing. Picture is fuzzy, hence the diagram I requested. Anyone know anything about this? I would like to make another offer on the bottle, but...
  4. J

    Unknown bottom monogram ring finished bottle. Ale?

    Need help ID'ing this one. I've had this forever but never knew much about it. Bottle is 10" in height. No mold lines up the sides, but one is seen around the bottle just below the shoulder about an inch. Color is a deep chestnut with a reddish tint. Bottom is embossed with a monogram I can't...
  5. J

    A BIG Thank you to those who I've dealt with

    Mark (MINNESOTA DIGGER), John (cookie), and (John)Rhubart. These guys were GREAT to deal with and they helped me fill spaces on my shelves and in the window. Got a very nice home town area Anoka bottle from MNDIGGER, a beautiful Mason Jar of 1872 insert from John to round out a missing...
  6. J

    WTB: band & insert for The Mason Jar of 1872

    Looking for a correct closure (band and insert) for an aqua quart The Mason Jar of 1872. Described under #1749 Thanks!
  7. J

    1930' - 50's farm dump

    Finally got around to digging into an old communal farm dump on my property. I haven't been to excited about it because I'm dealing with a lot broken and melted glass from them burning and it was bulldozed in the early 1960's to make fish ponds. I've cleaned up a lot of the surface and will...
  8. J

    Late 20th Art Glass or ??

    Hi everyone. Been away buying and reading. Still trying settle on what I want to collect, but find myself grabbing anything, including flasks, fantasy's and fakes, LOL. I'm leaning towards patented meds in the Minnesota and Missouri areas, but who knows. Anyway, I've been looking at all the...
  9. J

    Jack Daniels a bitters?

    Interesting story. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/foodanddrink/foodanddrinknews/9333815/Original-recipe-for-Jack-Daniels-found-in-Welsh-book-of-herbal-remedies.html
  10. J

    New member, getting back into glass again!

    Hi folks, found this awesome forum since I recently got back into the bottles. I can't believe how big the hobby has grown over the years with availability, websites, cleaning, etc. I'm sure eBay had a lot to do with that. A little about me. I got into digging bottles back in the early 1980's...

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