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  1. hemihampton

    identify these 2 bottles

    they don't look super old to me, the blue one could be from the 1940's-70's? Leon.
  2. hemihampton

    New from NH

    keep digging down, the older the better. if you could find the old Privy probably some old bottles hiding in there. maybe more bottles hiding in old Well or Cistern. Good luck & welcome to the site. Leon.
  3. hemihampton

    Wanted: M. B. & Co bottles

    original poster has not been in here for past year. not sure he'll see your message?
  4. hemihampton

    Toronto Bottle Show

    I like that black glass mallet. congrats. Leon.
  5. hemihampton

    P. J. Ritter

    Those are pretty common, I've dug a few in Michigan over the past few years. Leon.
  6. hemihampton

    Stoneware Ginger Beer Bottle - Buchan Portobello Pottery

    I'm probably up to finding about 50 Hutches in past 12 Years. I remember my first one. I think? it was a common aqua G. Norris from Detroit 12 years ago.
  7. hemihampton

    I can't find this clear green bottle information.

    Looks like a slick which could make it hard to identify. Leon.
  8. hemihampton

    Portholes From a Shipwreck

    didn't know it was salt water, here in Michigan & other states with fresh water (non salt water) the cans can hold up good if they been submerged in the mud for years coming out with little rust & good paint. Leon.
  9. hemihampton


    I agree.
  10. hemihampton

    Portholes From a Shipwreck

    maybe metal detect the area. might find some nice old beer cans that way also.
  11. hemihampton

    Killer Stopper

    I have one of those & seen a few others, it should have some cork material under it to insert into bottle. Leon.
  12. hemihampton

    I'm new and I have a new (to me) bottle

    if you do list on ebay post a link here. Good Luck. Leon.
  13. hemihampton

    I'm new and I have a new (to me) bottle

    In my opinion I have some bad news, after supersizing & blowing up pics it appears the surface of the bottle is extremely rough & pitted with thousands of little pits. Me being a Bottle Tumbler/Cleaner I know no way of getting rid of that unless it got a super heavy duty tumble which this bottle...
  14. hemihampton

    I'm new and I have a new (to me) bottle

    To me it looks to be about 1850's Iron Pontiled Bottom. That & the green color all 3 good combinations to have. Could be valuable, I've seen some bottles similar to this sell for $100 & some for a couple thousand depending on rarity & condition. not sure how rare yours is but nice find...
  15. hemihampton

    Snowflake and Simmons Nabob whiskey

    the lettering looks like dirt. I've dug a old Whiskey Bottle out of town dump with hand painted white letters, known as a back bar bottle. Leon.
  16. hemihampton

    Dump Discoveries - Two separate dumps, one location - one 1920s/30s, one 40s-60s

    nice looking cup. any old rusty beer cans in the dump? Leon.
  17. hemihampton

    Pure spring water, Comstock Park Michigan

    I wouldn't call that a jar but a bottle, many different half gallon size water bottles come from Michigan, I have a few. Leon.
  18. hemihampton

    Transitional Hutchinson - The Ideal Mineral Water MFG. Co. - Found 4/5/2024

    thought provoking debate is good some say. something to think about.
  19. hemihampton

    Transitional Hutchinson - The Ideal Mineral Water MFG. Co. - Found 4/5/2024

    Most people would take one look at your Sullivan & insist/refuse to call it a Hutchinson bottle. not saying I agree or disagree. people say the same thing about some of my bottles found with hutch stoppers. I rely on experience & document proof. If I speculate on something I usually say so or...

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