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    Bottle Digging book Thanks!

    Wanted to say thanks to all of those who have bought The Field Guide to American Trash. I've sold a bunch on Amazon, and was able to set up at Little Rhody show which was really a fun time to sell books and share dig stories.
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    Bottle DIGGING book just published!

    https://www.amazon.com/Field-Guide-American-Trash-Underground/dp/169130199X/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?keywords=the+field+guide+to+american+trash&qid=1576787038&s=books&sr=1-2. Hi Guys. Been working on this for quite a while. Just went live on Amazon this week! Bottle digging, privy digging, scuba and...
  3. D

    Dug this WASHINGTON DC Amber strap side- any info?

    Hello all, if any of you are still out there :} I dug this shard while digging here in NH recently. It's Chas. Kraemer Washington DC in yellow amber, strap sided. I can't help but feeling like it would be a really scarce bottle, as there aren't a lot of DC bottles in general. Any info...
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    May 29 river dive find Open Pontil Curtis Syrup in flint ! Yay!

    Hello all - Been diving a bit lately. Posting stuff regularly on my blog (theDowneastDigger) as well. I did have one dive this week with some good bottles. I was down deep in some grainy sand, digging at the bottom of a river, and dug this nice pontil. I could feel right away, even though...
  5. D

    Downeast Digger back in town

    Long time since I posted here, so not sure if there are old friends still lurking. I hope you are all well, and have been finding things digging or at shows, or wherever. I've started my own blog "TheDowneastDigger", where I am going to post all of my digging and diving finds, and mix in my...
  6. D

    Amber Richmond Va blob beer (damaged) found in Maine?

    Was searching for a new dive site yesterday. Drove a long way, and swam a long way under water. Didnt find anything to take home, didn't even see shards, was pretty disappointed. Then towards the end, I found one rougue bottle. It is broken, but I brought it home because I was pretty sure it...
  7. D

    Best Finds so Far

  8. D

    Today found Large Glazed Redware Milk pan, and a cobalt lip stoneware ale

    Diving in a river today, was digging deep, about a foot down into the sandy river bottom, and came across the edge of this beautiful big bowl (milk pan). I knew it was huge, so I'd dig out a few inches down at a time, thinking for sure as some point I'd find the sharp broken edge. It took me a...
  9. D

    Old Dr. Solomons Bitters - plus pontil geometric shards

    Still working the same slaughterhouse site. Got one good one today, thats for sure. Looks great on a post, looks like a jackpot, but if you knew the amount of effort/ digging underwater that went in to finding this one bottle, you'd be surprised.I have pulled at least 200 large broken pieces of...
  10. D

    Fingers healed - Trying to post dive finds again :

    Eric suggested I click on "full version", or something like that, so I'm trying that now. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to list all my photos at once now here, or if I can still "submit post" with a comment accompanying each photo, like before. I'll list the pontiled Kidders Ink and the...
  11. D

    cant type- pics only

    not used to this new site. pix problems so far. I miss the old site, guess I'm an old geezer.Is the same gang here??
  12. D

    Some day I'll have actual underwater bottle diving photos :}

    For now this is all I've got. Big jars and and shards of big pitchers etc are great for your aquarium
  13. D

    Found this - cant ID it. Carved brick tile?

    I dug a ceramic tile one with floral decorations, pretty cool. But this is made of red brick. Any help would be great
  14. D

    Cobalt base Killer shard - "I gots to know"

    Any Clint Eastwood buffs with know the "I gots to know" reference. But when Quincy and I were hiking the riverside where I found that Boston jar, he found this shard washed up on shore. It looks to be the base of a cobalt blue early fruit jar. The only full letter embossed is a "W"...
  15. D

    River bank dig C.D. BROOKS amber jar

    I was going to dive in a city river near here yesterday, but I got there and it turned out to be a waist deep stream. I waded waste deep upstream in this poluted river, through a fairly old neighborhood. Yuck. Found a dump to dig, around 1880-90s. Got a few common bottles but got this cool...
  16. D

    Boston Globe front page of interest to New England woods diggers

    It was interesting to see this feature article on the front page of the Sunday Globe today. It is titles "THESE WOODS ARE LOVELY, DARK, AND BACK". AS a woods digger here in New England, these photos are especially interesting, because at least for me, as I "read the woods", and look for...
  17. D

    Unlisted (broken) Pontiled "BILLINGS RHEUMATIC LINIMENT"

    Kids will be back in school, and I'll actually get to do some digging and diving soon, hopefully. I miss it something serious. Dug in a river bank last week where Quincy and I had found some great pontil shards. Didnt find any good whole bottles, but I did get this broken one. Would have...
  18. D

    Embossed "SEAFOOD" jar and 'CLAM BOUILLON" bottle

    Here are a couple of bottles that I was wondering if anyone has seen before. I was able to dig a privy with Mark (Cazdigger) on a quick strike road trip that enabled me to help dig a couple of privies that he had probed out. They turned out to be one empty and one 1890s with a few bottles in...
  19. D

    1903 Trip through Boston

    I just spent the last 7 minutes watching this youtube that is pretty amazing, if you're a bottle collector. A trolley ride through 1903 Boston. I kept pausing the video to see if I could read the store front signs, to see if I had dug any bottles that the proprietor had sold over the years...
  20. D

    Coffin poison, insulator, and "Essence of Pancreas"

    I had promised my 9 year old son Quincy that I'd find a good dump that we could dig together this year. Last year I really got stumped, and he really didn't do as much digging, and I was afraid he'd start losing interest. Well I dove in a small river in Mass next week, and found a nice undug...

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