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  1. JKL

    27 more never used old soda bottle labels

    Here are the other 27 labels. The Royal Canadian labels are fantastic! 10 at a time is the limit.
  2. JKL

    7-Up Paper Label (Lithiated, White Swim Suit, 8 Bubbles)

    I picked up a 30 label lot of old unused paper soda bottle labels from a local picker. He says these have been in his collection for 40 years. I am posting the 7-Up labels because they are just so darn cool. A note on the labels said that these are the first version of paper labels for 7-Up...
  3. JKL

    A fellow collector selling continued...

    Here are a few more of the bottles I picked up from the collector selling. Proud to own these. The Cleco bottle seems to be pretty rare. Date code looks to be 1947. On the back they describe the flavours. One is Dr Pep (Not Dr Pepper) see the picture of the back of the bottle. The Mitchell...
  4. JKL

    A fellow collector selling his collection on Kijiji. I had to pick some bottles up.

    I like to browse through online selling sites especially now that we are in self isolation. Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace are my two favourites, mainly because I find Ebay shipping way to expensive. This week I came across a guy selling parts of his 45 yr long collection. He had a number of...
  5. JKL

    Ontario Pop/Soda Bottle Books

    I have been hunting for a few years with no success. I'm looking to purchase any ontario soda/pop bottle books. If you have one you would sell or know where I can get one please message. The ones I know of are not being printed currently. I would love to have a reference book.
  6. JKL

    Kijiji Find....Nice Bottles

    Responded to a Kijiji ad this week. A guy was selling a large lot of pop bottles by the case. I asked if he would let me pick through as I can't buy a box of bottles and only want one anymore. No room to store. He agreed and charged me $20 for a nice assortment of 18 bottles that included...
  7. JKL

    Allan's It's Lithiated

    Allan's Beverages is a beverage company out of Montreal started in 1882 and operated until the 1970s. I have an opportuity to pick up a case of 24 of these bottles in the original crate. Bottle is reg'd as 1939. Can anyone tell me if this is actually a soda bottle. I assume it is because...
  8. JKL

    1960s-1990s Quart Paper Labels

    10 years ago I wouldn't have brought these bottles home. But now I get excited believing these bottles are survivors especially with the labels in such great condition. Picked up these and a bunch of doubles for about $.80 each. They are all 26, 28 or 30oz bottles. I am intrigued by the...
  9. JKL

    1916-1919 Straight Side Coca Cola Canada

    I was recently in the Niagara Falls area and stopped at this little antique shop and saw this bottle for $15. It looks to be a 6.5 to 7oz bottle. Had to buy it. I am guessing it is 1916-1919 because the Coca Cola script is located up high, near the shoulder of the bottle. If wrong with date...
  10. JKL

    Canada Dry Tonic Water (foil wrapped neck)

    I was going through some old bottles I have in cases stowed away and came across this Canada Dry Tonic Water. So I pulled it out and put on a shelf. What I like the most about it is the gold foil around the neck and the texture on the bottle. This bottle looks great! Maybe it was a...
  11. JKL

    Purchased at a local online auction.

    I can't believe how excited I get when I get new stuff. Did some bidding at a online auction and won some stuff. Really happy that for $17.50 I got 6 -6pack of bottles all in great time correct cartons. Some are even NDNR bottles in correct carton. I love the one with the price. 6 for 41 cents...
  12. JKL

    6oz - 170 ml Paper Label Bottles

    I recently picked up this group of 6oz - 170 ml paper label bottles. I already had the Pure Spring. I love the graphics on the 7-Up. A little clean up and they will look good on on display.
  13. JKL

    Sharing Pics of New Acquisitions. Invoices, Caps and Carrier

    A local picker in my town gives me a shout whenever he has picked up anything cool that is soda related. This week he called me because he had taken in some old 1950's era soda sales invoices from various bottlers. Coke, 7-Up, Riverside Beverages, Hamilton Beverages and finally (dear to my...
  14. JKL

    Hortons Orange Dip (Chatham Ontario) Need help.

    I'm looking for help from the Ontario Canada guys. I was looking to buy a bottle from a local antique guy. Brand is Horton's Orange Dip out of Chatham Ontario. My guess on age is 30s. He sent me a few pics, hopefully someone can pull enough detail out of the bottle to help me out. They are...
  15. JKL

    Great Pick Up - Facebook Marketplace

    I was scrolling through Facebook Marketplace and found a person selling a few bottles that looked interesting. I selected a few and arranged for my son to pick up as the seller was a couple hours away. The seller sent a note saying he had others and so I picked a number of those too. In total...
  16. JKL

    Canada Dry Paper Label - Help to Date

    I picked up this paper label Canada Dry quart bottle today. I was thrilled to find it but can't nail down the date. I assume that because it doesn't have the grid beside the Dominion glass logo that it is pre 1951? There looks to be a letter E beside the Diamond tho, I know Canada Dry had a...
  17. JKL

    Very Nice Recent Find - No Deposit No Return

    I realize there has been a number of posts regarding No Deposit No Return bottles but this little assortment I just picked up is awesome. Really nice variety! In a fairly recent post RCO mentioned not seeing an Orange Crush NDNR bottle. This assortment has one. Also cool to have three...
  18. JKL

    Coca Cola 6.5oz Bottle. Confirming Date

    A friend picked up a hoard of Coca Cola Commemorative bottles and some wooden cases over the weekend and gave to me. Many are honouring the closing of Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens, First game at the new Air Canada Centre. Others are the 1999 Santa 6 packs while others are the plain bottles. I...

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