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    City Bottling Works Hutchinson Bottle

    I purchased this bottle recently and couldn't find a similar one online. In an oval slug plate it says "City Bottling Works Registered". On the base it says: "S.W.B" any information would be appreciated! P.S. the base is a mug base
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    SC or CS Co. plate

    I found this recently while bottle digging! It has a pattern of oak leaves on it and has a monogram on the front that says either CS Co. or SC Co. And a faded mark on the back of which i can make out the word China. Any information on the plate or the company would be appreciated! Thanks, Catman
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    Continential Distilling Corp> distiiled gin

    I dug this recently and was confused by the fact that it doesn't say "federal law forbids..." does any one know anything about this specific bottle or its age? Thanks, Catman
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    Gobel's Quality First Pure Meat Food Products sign

    I dug this yesterday!!! I'm so happy! I think its from the 1920's!
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    Thumb's Sun-Shine Piano Polish

    Does anyone have information on this bottle?
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    Baker Steam Bottling wks and Thos. lawler bottles

    These are two bottles I purchased recently that I couldn’t find any information on. The first one is a “Thos. Lawler Full Pint Hartford Conn.”. And the second one is a large Hutchinson bottle that says “Baker Steam Bottling wks 28 OZ Registered Newburgh, NY”. Any information on these bottles...
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    Court Bottling Co

    i found this digging today and cannot find information on it. it is embossed " court bottling co 564 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY Cont.28 Oz" it is light green with brown striations and many bubbles. Any information would be appreciated!
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    Antique Soda Stream Bottle

    This is a bottle I purchased recently I cannot find information on. It has a internal screw top. It seems to be machine made. The base says "B & Co. LD MADE IN ENGLAND". ant information would be appreciated!
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    possibly a reproduction indian bitters

    This is a bottle i recently bought on E-Bay. i cannot tell if its real. it seems to be blown in a mold as the seams stops before the top. (there are three seams, one in the back and one on each side) i hope it's real! thanks, Catman
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    Unidentified porcelain sign

    This is the first sign i've found bottle digging or anywhere else! unfortunately It's been cut up. I couldn't find it online. if anyone can ID it, that would be great! Any information would be appreciated! Thanks, Catman
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    Coronet ACL Chocolate Beverage Bottle

    This is a Coronet ACL Chocolate Beverage bottle from Rainbow Beverages Inc. in Bronx,NY. I couldn't find any information on it. Any information would be appreciated! Thanks,Catman
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    1933 Cott soda bottle

    I couldn't find any Cott bottles of this age or design. Is it early for the company? Does anyone know the value/rarity? Thanks for any information you can give!
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    weird glass jar

    This is a weird glass jar i found that has a built in glass tube in the center. it says on the base "PAT. U.S. AND ENGLAND. SEPT. 5. 1899 MAY. 23. 1899 CANADA 534" any information would be appreciated! Thanks, Catman
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    M.B. & Co. 1861 blob top

    This is a bottle i found a few months ago. I can't find any online with the same variation. it is embossed on the front "M.B. & Co." and then the address and on the back "1861" in large letters. Any information would be appreciated!
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    Dellwood world war 2 milk bottle!!!

    i just found this today!!!! Does anyone know the value? or other info? thanks,catman
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    kronthaler mineral quellen Possible error

    Hi! i was wondering if anyone knew if the upside-down stamping on my bottle was an error. all the examples i found online were right side up. thanks, Noah
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    "d" Insulator

    Does anyone have information on this insulator?
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    ID Needed for broken Yellow Seltzer

    i dug this recently and need help ID'ing it.
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    White labs bottle with partial label

    i dug this bottle with a partial paper label but cannot find any information on it or the company. Any ideas? Says "white Labs inc. Newark N.J." on base
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    Cosmopolitan bottling Co new york

    Does any one know anything about this bottle?

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