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  1. Torringtontg25

    Art Deco Sodas

    Hmm... I tried to pm but not sure how to send the pics that way. Do you have any of these?(hy grade, rbw, Eppings Kentucky Club 24oz) The ky club and Hy grade have the lizard skin texture.
  2. Torringtontg25

    Art Deco Sodas

    Quick question... What is the amber bottle next to the coke in pic 6, and where can I find one? lol It is probably the coolest soda I have ever seen. I have a large 1923 Bluebird in very nice shape, are you interested?
  3. Torringtontg25

    Childs fire extinguisher.

    That is awesome! I was born like 20 minutes from there! Where did you find it?
  4. Torringtontg25

    Rodger the cat.

    Oh yeah, although some of that you are seeing is the fluff and the fact half of his leg is under him. Still pretty large though, lol.
  5. Torringtontg25

    Rodger the cat.

    Hoover(Hoo-Hoo)! We also have a tuxedo named Louisa, but I don't have a good picture of her.
  6. Torringtontg25

    How much is too much?

    I think like $30 for one, but that was a special occasion and a very rare bottle. I was on vacation in Ocracoke and found a beautiful sand worn amber TRIACOL Alpers bottle for about that price. I think it came from NY, yet somehow it was found in a sand privy in SC. I looked it up, and only...
  7. Torringtontg25

    Where you gonna go?

    Goodwill, Habitat, and a couple antique shops that have survived. None are open near me (although I hear some goodwills farther away actually are). Indiana apparently won't let you into grocery stores without masks, and some stores are guarded with armed guards. Thankfully that has not...
  8. Torringtontg25

    how did you get into this

    9-ish year old me was walking around a Peddler's Mall known for having a booth dedicated to bottles. I ended up seeing a *mint* 1960s Orange Crush bottle for like $7. I know it is common and I probably overpaid, but something about that amber, organ pipe speckled glass just looked so cool. I...
  9. Torringtontg25

    Various Vicks Vaporubs

    Thanks for the info!
  10. Torringtontg25

    Various Vicks Vaporubs

    Wow... Cool! I just have one, a half dollar sized tin from the 50s.
  11. Torringtontg25

    Anyone else collect this kind of stuff?

    Thanks! The spring unit would have gone in a metal shell, like the one in the 2nd page. Lionel ones have a more streamlined looking shell. I have no idea what that chain is for though. Mine is actually an electric Marx version, but other than a spring loaded plate on the bottom and no key, they...
  12. Torringtontg25

    Has Anyone?

    Not sure which forum I should put this, but here seemed like the best spot. Has anyone ever found a vacuum cleaner while at a dump or creek? It seems like one of the lesser seen objects as they used to be made with quality. I have only seen two, one on Youtube and one on Vacuumand. Thanks!
  13. Torringtontg25

    Creek finds

    Nice finds!
  14. Torringtontg25

    Anyone else collect this kind of stuff?

    I saw in the description of a similar one that it is metal with a glass or fiberglass lining, kind of like the large 1950s drink holders made for camping. My guess is the base in the OPs pic rusted right off the body.
  15. Torringtontg25

    Anyone else collect this kind of stuff?

    After some searching, it turns out it is the bottom of a decanter. I had no idea Universal made these!
  16. Torringtontg25

    Anyone else collect this kind of stuff?

    Nice! The last pic is the spring unit for an early Lionel or Marx wind up train. Whats the Universal item in the first pic?
  17. Torringtontg25

    Continued from other mystery post

    The jars in pic 2 are some kind of foot or condiment, maybe relish. It looks like the middle one had a paper label.
  18. Torringtontg25

    More mysteries please help

    I could be wrong, but the third one looks like a cream bottle, or maybe a kid sized milk bottle from when they had them in schools.

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