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    Opalised John Penrose, Silverton + Stopper bottle

    That's a great find! Looks like Silverton is almost a ghost town today, if I'm looking at the right town. That makes it even better! Does Australia have a lot of bullet stopper bottles? I always thought that we never got them here in North America at all but I just looked it up and there are...
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    Info on 1920s Flapper 9 oz amber bottle

    Wow, that's a fantastic bottle! Probably the most iconically 1920s bottle I've ever seen. That's a great find, and very unusual to have found it in upstate NY when it's a Texas soda. I suspect this one is going to be a pretty desirable bottle considering the subject matter, the incredible...
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    First find in a few years...

    That Devil Shake is pretty cool, probably a difficult one to find! Too bad the ACL isn't in better shape but it's not that bad considering how long it was buried, they're usually worse than that.
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    More Crush flat tops

    It's basically the same thing, there's citric acid in lemon juice. Cheaper to buy it as bulk citric acid powder and then mix it with water than it is to buy a bottle of lemon juice just for a few cans.
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    Unknown bottle

    If you post a clear picture of the neck label that would help. It looks like there's a logo there but it's not legible in the photo.
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    Texas Hotel Bottles.....

    Those are great bottles! I think an apertif makes more sense than a creamer, especially considering the "two drinks" one.
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    More Crush flat tops

    I've never tried an oil can but presumably it would work just as well. You'd just need more lemon juice. Really at that point it would probably make more sense to buy citric acid concentrate than actual lemon juice, it'd be a lot cheaper.
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    Gotta get them all

    This Woodard's Famous Liniment looks like an early predecessor to the little cylinder bottles.
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    More Crush flat tops

    Wow that's a fantastic spot you've got! Are there a lot of solid rusty cans you've left because there isn't much paint left visible? Those would be worth taking home if they're flat tops as well, they'll clean up surprisingly well in an acid bath too, most of the time anyway. I wonder if...
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    Gotta get them all

    A related product from the Cel-Ton-Sa Company, Wittman's Oriental Oil. I've got to say, while I've seen plenty of medicines expressing the general sentiment, I don't think I've ever seen a phrase quite like "R e l i e v e s the Pain of Man or CATTLE."
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    Gotta get them all

    I didn't realize that these bottles have some connection with "snake oil" - that's basically the same snake graphic used on this ad which isn't obviously connected to any of those bottles: Someone may have researched these in that case, though I suspect it would be more likely to have been a...
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    2 new medical

    Castoria has been in continuous production from the 1860s up until (apparently, although I've never seen it) today. This boxed one is from well after its turn of the 20th century heyday. Its popularity seems to have fallen off a cliff around WWII or so.
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    2 new medical

    From what I can find online, the registered trademark symbol was first used in 1946 (although I haven't been able to find a good source definitively stating that it wasn't used beforehand, this seems about right for the era where I've seen it showing up) so assuming that's correct it gives an...
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    Gotta get them all

    That's interesting, so I guess this was the sort of thing where the local druggist could order these with their name printed on the label? I've seen some similar things but not really for this type of product and not with this many variations. I wonder who was producing them. I doubt anyone...
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    Some of my Crush finds

    Yeah you should definitely go back there and do a thorough look for more cans! That's interesting about the oil, never heard of that happening before. Also, for the lemon juice, you just soak the can in it and gently rub the rust off with your finger once it starts to dissolve. Don't apply...
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    Some of my Crush finds

    Wow yeah those flat tops are in fantastic shape! Did you find those under a house or something? Not at all easy to find flat tops in that shape these days, and looks like the rarest one is in the best condition by far, doesn't often seem to work out that way does it!
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    Help w ID & Date of “Barnes” bottle

    Yeah bay rum is an aftershave. Not intended for drinking, although during Prohibition some people did resort to things like drinking aftershave.
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    Help w ID & Date of “Barnes” bottle

    It's a bay rum bottle from Puerto Rico, here's another bottle and a label from the company, along with a couple other Puerto Rican bay rum labels (and some unrelated wine labels that were also in the picture): Alcoholado, as far as I can tell, more or less translates to "bay rum" in this...
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    Jones Dairy - Midland Ontario acl milk bottle

    The fact that it's a WWII ACL milk from Ontario will make it pretty valuable regardless. I doubt anyone bidding has a personal connection, it's probably just a very rare one that a few completionists really want for their collection. Canadian WWII milks are so expensive that anyone...
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    Need some help with dates

    The Seitz Bros is absolutely pre-1900, the others are all likely pre-1900 but could also be up to a decade or so after. Hard to tell exactly what year a bottle from that era dates to since they weren't often marked with date codes (although it almost looks like one of them is marked with a date...

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