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    Paper Label Butte, MT Beer Bottle

    Yeah, labeled pre-pro stuff is hard to find. I have been collecting for years and only have one with a complete label. No embossing, but the complete label. The fact that the paper survived for over 100 years when it was designed to last a few weeks is remarkable in itself. Scott
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    New York beer and soda

    I got these at the first of June, but haven't been able to post because I have been working at the local Boy Scout camp. Home for a break and back to work Thursday morning. The James Holmes Weiss Beer bottle has been on my want list for several years but haven't been able to get a descent one at...
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    A few found..

    I like the tasteless part on the chill tonic. I bet most of that stuff tasted like (you fill in the blank).
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    Another Hoxsie and a rare Kansas City local

    ooops Oop, wrong bottle. That is a J J Flynn from Quincy, Illinois for my sister-in-law. This should be the Westport Bottling! Scott
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    Another Hoxsie and a rare Kansas City local

    My stream of Hoxsie bottles got longer this week when the Stevens & Mandeville arrived in the mail. From my research I am aware of two that I am missing. A dark amber Hoxsie's Premium Beer and a Hennessy & Nolan with the "OXSI" logo on the back. I missed the H+N a couple of weeks ago on Ebay...
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    "Ping Out" on Hutch

    I have a few bottles that have reused molds. I think they add to the interest of the bottle. Scott
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    1848 Knickerbocker Soda Water Bottle

    That is a great intact find.
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    I W L Jewish Star of David and Fish

    Helping with this is out of my league, but it is a great looking very old bottle for sure. Looks like you are doing great on the thinking and research. Scott
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    A. Arnold Soda, New York

    This bottle was dug up at some time or another. might be able to help you with some information on A Arnold. It's a website of New York newspapers. I have several bottles that look like this and they are from the mid 1860's to 1880 or so. The shape of the blob and the word...
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    My kind of spring cleaning, surface hunting flint , chert, obsidian relics.

    Very nice finds. I'm glad it was a family adventure. scott
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    More locals hutches

    The only embossing is on the base. I am figuring out a way to build a slanted bottle holder that I can attach to my shelves so one can see the bottom. I built cradles for my two bottles that have the contents to keep the corks wet so it shouldn't be too hard.
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    More locals hutches

    Bought these at auction last week. Two rares and a scarce. There was another listing by the same person with three others that went for $70. I am sure it was because of the Brandon & Kirrmeyer in that lot. Rare as well, but more well known because of the beer connection. Note the "11worth"...
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    Barney & Ally Mnt Dew

    Uh, I need to go back to the monthly antique show in June and see if I can find the Barney and Allie bottle I passed on because it is outside my collecting range. It was maybe 10 dollars, probably 5. I guess I need to make a list of what I see there and post it. Scott
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    How does one distinguish between a beer and a soda blob bottle?

    In general, if it has a Loop Seal closure, it held beer. Aqua and squat, soda. Amber and squat, beer. Beer was not generally bottled until about 1880 with some exceptions. So if it has an applied lip it is probably soda. Part of the joy of this hobby is researching the companies. I would say...
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    BIG and small...a day of firsts

    Very nice haul indeed.
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    Help identifying bottle

    Hi, The cork is from kind of sparkling wine and has nothing to do with the bottle. The bottle itself in new, maybe this century even. It is cute but I don't have a clue to what was in it. Kind of a strange painting for olive oil. Fish oil is from the ocean, so I am guessing it held, let's...
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    Twin-Orange Drink Hekelnkaemper Bros. - Atchison Kansas

    Chris, I live south of Kansas City, Missouri. I see painted label and embossed crown top Hekelnkaemper bottles all the time in local antique shops. I have seen a few very scruffy hutchinson style bottles for sale as well. I'll keep my eye out for them. What's your price range? Scott
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    Coin collector turns to bottles. My story (Also looking for New Brunswick/Maine info

    Terry, Thanks for the entry story. We all have one. I live in Kansas City, Missouri. Stranger things than bottles from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia have turned up here. I'll keep my eye out for more Canadian bottles. Scott

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