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  1. bottlebugs

    Pepsi Bottles Matching Caps

    My Pleasure! Waiting for the wife to put on her warpaint so have another second here. There were two distinct green caps. I suspect the first one is the more common as it was probably leftover from 1928 and left abandoned in a warehouse somewhere. The cap was likely retooled for the...
  2. bottlebugs

    Proof Positive! Double Dot Fans Look Close!

    I have a few seconds before we leave. As I was posting the cap/bottle comparison I noticed the definitive proof of my one and only match! Follow the dots...All other bottles until 1951 have double dots or no dots. This is the only version I have seen with just one dot...
  3. bottlebugs

    Pepsi Bottles Matching Caps

    Quick post I've got my wife's birthday and a funeral to go to. Life and death celebrations! approx 1900 to 1923 (until Bradham goes bankrupt) 1924-1927 (new owners standardize) 1928-1929 (until the Great Depression) 1929-1932 (another attempt) You know the rest...1933 Pepsi is sold in...
  4. bottlebugs

    Day Two Nightmare

    My wife got home late from work tonight and woke me up. I excitedly told her about my first wish coming true. The genies changed the direction of my initial wish of a 26 oz drum Pepsi to its more appropriate companion for the cap I had at home. Then she drifted off leaving my head buzzing with...
  5. bottlebugs

    Here We Go Again...Wish Day One

    Thanks Uncle Bruce...I did that just now and its one of the drums I've had in the past. Not to reinvent the wheel but these don't go with my cap either...the mystical 24-26 oz variety has sadly become a ghost and not meant to be.
  6. bottlebugs

    Barking Up the Wrong Tree

    So a lesson is to be learned here. I should have known. When I was given the America Dry bottle a few years ago, I had no idea that it would be the very bottle I was looking for, let alone that without the cap I had saved, it would be just an average bottle. With the right cap it changed...
  7. bottlebugs

    Here We Go Again...Wish Day One

    Rubbing my eyes and wondering if I am deluding myself. So I was scouring though FeeBay for deals. Pepsi to be exact. Nothing new there. Been doing this since my new found re-interest in bottles. There is absolutely nothing to be found on large drum bottles. I know they exist as I've seen one...
  8. bottlebugs

    Clinton Bottling Co

    thank you...never been ( to Clinton...although I've been to both Illinois and Iowa) .. been to Upstate NY many times tho.
  9. bottlebugs

    Clinton Bottling Co

    I like the ribbing! Is that Clinton NY?
  10. bottlebugs

    Three's Company

    Speaking of dream bottles...I have noticed a familiar habit noted in your posts. Place holders are common and I think subconsciously I've been there. When I sold off all my bottles, it was because I was truly done with them. Once you hold a dream in your hands it often ends the fantasy. I would...
  11. bottlebugs

    I Dream of Genie Bottles

    I've read great posts about the dream bottle or holy grail of your collections. I've been extremely lucky over the years and have often upgraded my expectations to meet the need. I've had hutches galore. Even Cokes and the copycats. I've found Pepsi bottles going back to the Bradham days. I've...
  12. bottlebugs

    Trading Up With Bottles

    I'm a glass half full kinda guy everyone has a good and interesting life if they take stock of it now and then thanks for your welcoming comments Step Back
  13. bottlebugs

    Look What the Cat Dragged In!

    My wife and I went cat sitting today. Its a prelude to grandparenthood I guess. Four black cats and counting. Of course they were rescue cats destined for the dumpster. They all look the same to me. I forgot my branding iron yet again. Its customary for us to poke around the place. The cats...
  14. bottlebugs

    Not Far From The Ol' Tree

    I am a bonafide collector. My wife never throws anything out. It's like that Jack Spratt poem. Between the two of us, we lick the platter clean. But hey, but at least I'm discerning... I love bottles... and hockey sweaters... and anything else that can be collected, I guess...sigh...
  15. bottlebugs

    Trading Up With Bottles

    Thanks Step Back...sometimes I miss them too, but playing the guitar always soothes the blues!
  16. bottlebugs

    Priceless Bottle Hunting Grounds

    In my youth I would cottage with my extended family and friends at a lake in the Opeongos. My best friend helped me scour the beach and under cottage footings for bottle treasure. More often than not, I would find a great bottle to add to my collection. My friend was a very pretty girl three...
  17. bottlebugs

    Trading Up With Bottles

    All this bottle talk has given me cause to reflect. Bottles have truly changed my life. My Dad and much of my family used to mock the "clink, clink, clink" of my botttle collecting. Nobody collected bottles! They were meant to be brought back to the store for deposit. But I persisted. Bottles...
  18. bottlebugs

    Conspiracy Theory Time. Hit vs. Kik

    Hi Canadabottles, The aerated soda bottlers report from the government of Canada showed only Coke as of 1937. Coke was indeed in Winnipeg and also in Brandon. Hit wasn't competing with Coke. It was competing with Pepsi and Kik. The combination of the two ("When Coke and Pepsi are introduced...
  19. bottlebugs

    The Kent's Coca Cola Story

    Thanks Kolawars...I got my information from... Excerpted from The Oakland Journal "In a tragic case of poor legal advice, Kent used a 1888 date for the establishment of his Coca-Cola product rather than the earlier 1884 date when it was only being sold in Paterson. Pemberton, in Georgia, had...
  20. bottlebugs

    Conspiracy Theory Time. Hit vs. Kik

    In my search for more details on the "Hit" bottle history I struck upon something odd the other day. A popular cola in Georgia was Big Hit. It predates Hit and Kik and their bottlers in Montreal by almost ten years. It was a belly-wash for kids. Check this out...It prominently featured a...

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