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    Another Pensacola bottle question

    Yes, the entire top portion of the bottle is shaped different
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    I am looking for an example of the William Hudson English Codd bottle. I have two variants of...

    I am looking for an example of the William Hudson English Codd bottle. I have two variants of the American made Codd but recently found out there is also an embossed English made variant. I am also looking for a James McHugh lightning stopper and a Rauch and Pfieffer gravitating stopper...
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    Another Pensacola bottle question

    William Hudson used a Codd closure when he first stated in the soda water business because Carre (Mobile) had the rights to the Mathew's gravitating stopper in Pensacola. There exists at least 3 styles of the Codd bottle he used embossed with his name. One variant appears to be English made...
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    Ponce DeLeon Spring Water

    I would like to purchase a bottle from St Augustine, FLa. It is a mineral water shaped bottle made in the 1890's that has a monogram on the front of the bottle. The monogram is a F with an H over the F. I believe this monogram is a logo for the Flagler Hotel that opened in the late 1880's...
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    Pensacola FL bottles

    El Capitan, What is a fair price for a WILLIAM HUDSON/PENSACOLA, FLa. aqua, tall lightning stopper in near mint condition sell for these days? Do you have a RAUSCH & PFEIFFER/PENSACOLA, FLA. gravitating stopper for sale?
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    Pensacola bottle Collectors Question

    I collect patented stopper soda water bottles from Florida. I found a really nice WILLIAM HUDSON/PENSACOLA, FLA. aqua, tall lightning stopper. On the reverse is is embossed THIS BOTTLE TO BE RETURNED. I have seen one, maybe two of these but don't know if the price he is asking is reasonable...
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    wanted St. Augustine bottle

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I am looking for a bottle from the late 1800's from St. Augustine Fla. The bottle is similar to the usual Saratoga mineral water bottles, and exists in various shades of olive green glass. It is embossed Ponce DeLeon Springs/Water/St. Augustine, Fla. It has a smooth base...
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    D T Sweeney bottles

    I would like to contact folks that have one or more of the cobalt blue sodas or ale used by DT Sweeney prior to him moving to Key West. I would like to get a picture of the pony style soda with just his name embossed on it. I would also be interested in purchasing/trading for that bottle. I...
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    wanted Florida sodas

    I am looking for a Fort Pierce Bottling Works/Ft. Pierce, Fla. Hutchinson stopper, a Charles Demont/Sanford, Fla. gravitating stopper, a James McHugh/Pensacola, Fla. lightning stopper, a D.T. Sweeny/Key West, Fla. blob top pony, a 1/2 pint and pint Rogers, Martyn & Co./Orlando, Fla. strap sided...
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    information request on bottle found in the 1970's

    I recently acquired a bottle from my of bottle digging buddy that is having more than his share of health issues. I remember the night we found this bottle like it was yesterday. I came from a construction site in Tallahassee Florida that we had the owner's permission to dig an keep any...
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    What's the deal, why all but worthless?!

    It was explained to me years ago by a wise man; "One man's trash is another man's treasure". After digging bottles for nearly 50 years and focusing on strictly to specific types of bottles from Florida, I find more pleasure in learning about the history of the bottler, the community and if...
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    sweeny bottling works key west

    D.T. Sweeny I will keep my eyes peeled for one of the several varieties of bottles that D.T. Sweeny used. From what I know he used an amber lightning stopper bottle, a gravitating stopper bottle, a Conner closure bottle and a bottle I would classify as a blob top (retainer cork type closure)...
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    Paterson N.J.'s 3rd rarest bottle

    Very nice Codd bottle. American Codd bottles are indeed rare. Slightly more common than a live dinosaur! Congratulations. I collect Florida sodas and collectors are blessed to have an occasional William Hudson/Pensacola, Fla. Codd appear once in a great while. There are 3 versions of the...
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    Old Rum Bottle find pre1700?

    Based on coins we found with similar bottles in Charleston, SC I would guess 1820 +/- 10 years. We found Spanish coins dating back to the 1780's and US coins from the first and second decade of the 1800's. Nice piece, I would have left the oysters on it.
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    Coco Cola vs Coca Cola question

    The first Coco Cola Bottling Works straight sided bottle I came across was from DeLand Fla. It was advertised by the seller as a misspelled Coca Cola Bottling Works. I recently came across a Hutchinson stopper bottle embossed Coco Cola from Chattanooga, Tenn. The seller (different fellow)...
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    lightning stopper bottle top needed

    Hello, I am trying to repair a lightning stopper (Carl Hutter on bottom) quart beer bottle. Apparently the wire securing the stopper to the bottle rusted enough to cause the top to break off just under the blob top. The bottle is a typical aqua color seen in this sort of beer bottles. Does...
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    Need a top for repair job

    I have a A W Meyer/1885/Savannah, Ga soda with a damaged top. The bottle is a dark emerald green. I was going to attempt repairing it with epoxy but think I may be better off cutting to top off and replacing the entire top. Does anyone have a broken Meyers I could buy for a repair?
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    It works for me !!! cleaning bottles !!

    Just a comment on my experience and kudos to Kevin. Prior to biting the bullet and buying a tumbler, cannisters and material from the Jar Doctor, I experiemented like a lot of folks. I had some minor success using an abrasives like fine sand, comet and DE used in pool filters with motion that...
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    black gunk removal after tumbling

    I am relatively new to bottle tumbling but slowly getting the hang of it. There is definity an "art" to it if your goal is to acheive excellent results. I am finding that whatever the black gunk is that forms when tumbling using a fine polish abrasive gets in small dings and is tough to remove...
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    Light tumble?

    I am fairly new to the world of cleaning with a tumbler. So far a lot of practice, some good results and some not so good results. Nothing ruined so far thank goodness. Getting the right amount of copper shot, water and the amount of tumbling time are variables I need to work on. I am...

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