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    any info on this bowl?

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    how did you get into this

    Actually, that is pretty much what I do, but I found my first in a bottle dump right off a trail where I was metal detecting. Kallocrine for the skin and hair, a $322 bottle from a small pharmacy in Connecticut from the 1840s. I started to look for more but on the first day all I found was...
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    noooo..... I just broke my first and only complete drinking glass

    I just found one like it, seems I have good karma.
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    Zara Stampalia

    Welcome to the forum. I have never seen a bottle like that.
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    Dalgety and Co Pty Ltd bottle.

    Cool, wow. Welcome to the forum.
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    buried some bottles

    While digging a hole for a pond insert I had the idea of burying some really common and not now old bottles (if you want to know, Anheuser-Busch) for future bottle diggers or archaeologists.
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    HELP !!! Unopened Bottle Of Bath Foam

    Is that a barcode I see? not very old and probably original sell price value. it would display nicely, though. I like how it looks on your window sill.
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    This week's finds!

    OH! eagle in letters! I thought it would be like a picture like on anheuser-busch.
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    Diamond patterned barber bottle?

    Nice one. Never seen anything like it.
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    This week's finds!

    The red paint bottle is from the 70s-80s. the white one is likely a cream, sometimes the contents are still inside and the lid looks to be in good enough shape to open. Which is the eagle bottle?And the ridged vial?
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    New construction site treasures!

    That bottle is selling for $16 on Etsy. https://www.etsy.com/listing/521500376/cobalt-bromo-seltzer-medicine-bottle?ref=shop_home_active_21&frs=1
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    New construction site treasures!

    Nice! What is the embossing on the cobalt jar?
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    How to find a dig site?

    sometimes the bottles are on/partly on the surface.
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    I really cant believe I found a message in a bottle!

    we sent it to someone who could have translated it, but it is not Hebrew.
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    this remind Un-answerd for a while: strange glycol-thymoline bottle

    I will give a pic as soon as possible
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    Muskoka dry bottle possible apothycare bottles?

    That looks somewhat like a lotion bottle I found (and broke) but the ridges are an interesting feature, I would say about 1950.
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    Where should I dig?

    I would recommend digging(or looking) around old homesteads, structures, or farms. for farms, a lot of people worked there, and brought trash as well as drinking the contents of the bottles there. Mines are sometimes good places, but the dumps can be hard to locate.

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