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    Dig Pic

    No explanation necessary......
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    Table Space Available Forks of the Delaware Bethlehem PA Show 11/27

    Looking forward to another great show Bill !!! you do a wonderful job every year. hope we get great weather and large crowds !! Jim
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    A Nice Townsends

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/272312323000?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT This is a hard to find variant and a gorgeous piece of old glass. I have one of these on my wish list, but I don't think I can afford the number this variant is gonna get. Jim
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    Historical Significance of Sites

    hello jk. one place you may wish to start is by finding your localities Sanborn maps. these are generally 1890's to 1920's and were laid out for the use by insurance companies. if you can be persistent, you can obtain these free online. I will include one from my local area. good luck my...
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    Bought a Bottle Business - Need Help!

    time to locate the nearest bottle club and get a better knowledge base. as has been posted, it may not be of benefit to you to tumble a $10.00 bottle. get on the internet and learn what you can about what you have in your inventory so you can make informed decisions. bottle collecting is an...
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    cone ink

    This example appears quite green in my pics, but is actually an olive amber. It's about mint with some nice base wear. I bought it from a dealer in Hawaii on a Wednesday night and it was delivered to my door on Saturday. Don't usually buy this type, but it was a color I didn't have.
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    cone ink

    got this last week online. we dig primarily in the coal regions and very very rarely do we dig inks. My guess is that digging a lot of miners homes in coal country, a large percentage of the people couldn't read or write..... we've dug a few pontiled Hover Inks, but that's about it ( out of...
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    'Drake's 1860 Plantation X Bitters / Patented 1862' & Black Bear

    Those items will do well in your auction Alan. Hope all goes well on your side of the pond. Jim
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    Philadelphia / Kensington / Dyottville Glass Works

    Hi Andy, These early glassworks, in general, had a short life. before coal became the heat source, they had to burn hardwoods. the temps were hard to control / maintain. it was also very dangerous. This led to many glasshouses burning down. Jim
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    Philadelphia / Kensington / Dyottville Glass Works

    some various photos / advertisements of Swaim's Panacea
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    Philadelphia / Kensington / Dyottville Glass Works

    I recently purchased an early Swaim's Panacea which I believe may have been made at the Kensington Glass works. This is a very early embossed medicine. I recall seeing a newspaper advertisement for this product dated 1828. It's quite an interesting history. I wasn't aware that it began as...
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    Swaim's Panacea

    beautiful glass Sandchip. I won my Swaims in an auction at a fantastic price! I was quite surprised to win. Guess you never know if you don't try. Thanks for sharing that gorgeous photo with us. Jim
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    Swaim's Panacea

    I read somewhere that these are among the earlier embossed medicines. Could be from the Kensington Glass works in the Philadelphia area. this is one heavy chunk of glass. I'm guessing it could be used as a weapon in case of emergency....... Jim
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    Swaim's Panacea

    Got this in the mail. This one has been on my wish list for a long time. Jim
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    Geo. W. Hoffman, Allentown, Pa., Emerald Green, 8-sided, 7 1/4 In.

    That's a local soda for me. I've dug several over the years. The iron pontil examples are significantly more valuable. if you are looking for a value, it's kinda hard to tell in the environment today. your example looks as though someone let the tumbler run a day or two too long. my guess...
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    some pontil age pottery I've dug/acquired over the years. love this stuff. so hard to dig whole. Jim
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    New Collector Advice

    Welcome to the forum! Glad you found us. You are outside my area of knowledge. Perhaps post in the " Soda " forum below. The market on ACL sodas and milks has really expanded in recent years. Best of luck to you in your journey!! Jim
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    switchback souvenirs

    these are china souvenirs that were sold in Mauch Chunk ( Jim Thorpe today ) around the turn of the century. most of the transfers are of the switchback railroad, but some are of local landmarks. most are marked on the bottom " made in Germany ". been picking them up over the last 10 years. hard...
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    What happened to RED?

    good question Leon. Red was / is a valued member of our forum. hope he's good healthwise. Jim
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    Bust of Columbia flask

    this flask sold recently at auction. hammer price was $133,000.00 wonderful early American glass. enjoy today !! GI - 119 Kensington Glass Works one pint OP Jim

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