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    any info on this bowl?

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    buried some bottles

    While digging a hole for a pond insert I had the idea of burying some really common and not now old bottles (if you want to know, Anheuser-Busch) for future bottle diggers or archaeologists.
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    this remind Un-answerd for a while: strange glycol-thymoline bottle

    I actually contacted the company which is still running but I was wondering if in the mean time there is any info here. Probably not the late 1800s (the company started in 1896) because it is machine blown. maybe a sample bottle?
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    I really cant believe I found a message in a bottle!

    I was out beach combing for the first time in a while, found a lifelong wish. Cant read the message well yet. Still trying.
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    st.Christopher award found

    plaque found on surface, any info appreciated. it has a bit of almost impossible to read cursive, maybe a name? also found what seems to be an ash tray, I'm assuming it has value because they were not meant to be lost/thrown away.
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    Finds for 1 dig

    I go out everyday. this is today’s finds.
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    I found where they dumped the spikes!

    They were all on the surface!
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    Any info on this bottle/jar

    Any info would be much appreciated.
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    Found my first privy!

    There is a big dump all around it, and thats where I got this bottle. I found a lot of info on-line, but not what . its worth, any info would be much appreciated
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    Weird bottle, what is it?

    What is it?
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    Only 2 jars, probably from the 90s, and a WARRANTEED FLASK that was broken. I think it would be from the 1890s, but the whole back is broken off. I am so upset! Tell me if it is actually not that bad, but the road I was by was from the 1700s to 1800s hundreds.
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    Coca-cola bottle

    My first intact one! I don’t know how old it is; maybe recent but it’s glass. The glass is pretty thick. It has that kind of plasticity words on it but no sign of any wrappers ever being on it will post a pic when available.
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    how did you get into this

    Really anyone it would be interesting to know.
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    found a bunch of 80s paint bottles; 1 still has (yellow) paint!

    sorry I don't have the pics avalible right now, I will post them when I do. awesome 80s dump because there may be coca-cola bottles intact (I found 2 tops). it also seems to have older things here or there, like some spoons I found. family dump place for at least 3 decades, I'd say. at least its...
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    Insulator from old electric fence.

    Any info?
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    only had time for 20 minutes much more than anyone would expect

    I'm only posting the notable things, hardly dug! how old do you think the utensils are?
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    How common are ball jars?

    I’m wondering because I don’t have that many yet. Will it just be a matter of time?
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    higgen's ink

    Found a higgen's ink well; mostly the ones on-line have ink in them but I'm not sure how old mine are. do you know anything about this or what it's worth?

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