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    Dig Pic

    No explanation necessary......
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    A Nice Townsends

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/272312323000?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT This is a hard to find variant and a gorgeous piece of old glass. I have one of these on my wish list, but I don't think I can afford the number this variant is gonna get. Jim
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    cone ink

    got this last week online. we dig primarily in the coal regions and very very rarely do we dig inks. My guess is that digging a lot of miners homes in coal country, a large percentage of the people couldn't read or write..... we've dug a few pontiled Hover Inks, but that's about it ( out of...
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    Philadelphia / Kensington / Dyottville Glass Works

    I recently purchased an early Swaim's Panacea which I believe may have been made at the Kensington Glass works. This is a very early embossed medicine. I recall seeing a newspaper advertisement for this product dated 1828. It's quite an interesting history. I wasn't aware that it began as...
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    Swaim's Panacea

    Got this in the mail. This one has been on my wish list for a long time. Jim
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    some pontil age pottery I've dug/acquired over the years. love this stuff. so hard to dig whole. Jim
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    switchback souvenirs

    these are china souvenirs that were sold in Mauch Chunk ( Jim Thorpe today ) around the turn of the century. most of the transfers are of the switchback railroad, but some are of local landmarks. most are marked on the bottom " made in Germany ". been picking them up over the last 10 years. hard...
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    Bust of Columbia flask

    this flask sold recently at auction. hammer price was $133,000.00 wonderful early American glass. enjoy today !! GI - 119 Kensington Glass Works one pint OP Jim
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    Dip Mold

    I recently purchased a snuff bottle and wanted to check out the meaning of " dip mold " blown bottles. quite interesting. these molds were made of various materials; wood, clay, metal or even a shaped hole in the glass house floor. the key was to have the shoulder area larger than the base...
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    heartbreakers redux

    decided to put a green Wise pony in the tumbler today. whilst I was in the basement I dug around a bit and found these criers. you don't find these lion colognes with the embossing on them very often... Jim
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    1788 Newspaper clippong

    This was posted on another site. I found it interesting and thought I'd post it on here. Lots of stuff to ponder if you take the time to study it. dated Feb. 13th 1788 thanks to whoever I got this from. Jim
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    Snuff in America

    THE HISTORY OF SNUFF The history of man's needs and the experiments he has made towards stimulating his senses artificially doubtless stretches back more than ten millennia - back into the realms of unrecorded civilizations. However more recently, and by this I mean to refer to the 17th to the...
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    September 2013 dig

    getting a little stir crazy here. down with broken ankle for over four months. should be in a walking boot this week. finally will be able to drive and get around a bit. anyway, here's a dig from 2013. This is in the yard next to The Big Dig that we wrote up for AB&GC magazine. opening it...
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    eye water

    well, I finally broke down and bought this beauty. this bottle has been on my list for decades. we do a lot of digging in the area, and I've never even dug a broken one. I have it in the tumbler now buffing it up a bit. will share a few pics later. Jim
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    outdoors vs. lightbox

    getting the correct lighting to photograph our finds has always been the most challenging. I've tried many different methods with varying success. I noticed that some of the best shots are outdoors in the last hour before sunset. has anyone had any success with the newer LED lights?? Jim
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    Mauch Chunk Soda

    This is embossed P. Sharkey / Mh Chunk has union glass works / Philada on the back Jim
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    Drunk and Drunker

    Greetings, home with a broken ankle... haven't dug for months.... anyway here's a dig from a couple years ago. the house was a miners home and was bought and being remodeled by a couple of guys from down south. we got them a case of Yuengling lager for the permission. we eventually...
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    My new shelf

    I got the bug and went to the hardwood guy up the road and had him plane some oak for me. the fellow at the glass shop down the road did the mirror backing. came out pretty nice. Jim tried to catch the light on the other photo..
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    Pennsy Premium / Eagle Brewery / Catawauqua Pa

    Greetings, This is my first post with my new Username. I was buzzkutt033 for many years. anyway, I came across this beer and it's not really up my alley. just wondering if it's worth listing on Fleabay. has casewear on the bottle but the label is mint. the seam line is separated in the neck...

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