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    New to my collection.... KT-8 with tablets inside

    Hello all,It's been a while since I got anything new so I thought I would post my new find.I just acquired a KT-8 with a nice label, cork and the tablets still inside.Here she is:
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    KV-1s with no "POISON"

    I know there are some KV-1s listed as PLAIN which I do have a 2" plain and a 2 5/8" plain.
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    Finally got that Amber KX-19

    It's been a while since I added to my poison collection but I finally found the amber KX-19 Antrol bottle.Now I have clear, green and amber.
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    I need an opinion on this one

    I picked up this bottle at the antique store a couple of days ago. It is 3 1/4" tall screw top. I assume it might have been an iodine bottle (maybe). The shape is SIMILAR to the KO-3 iodine bottle. It has a rounded front with 3 flat back panels. On the center back panel there is a large dot at...
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    Coffin Shampoo Bottle

    Hello all, This probably doesn't qualify as a TRUE poison but the shape and the "X's" on the sides got my attention. I just had had to have it for my collection.
  6. L


    I just got my hands on a KR-41. It has hobnails on all 4 corners and no lettered embossing on it. The book lists it as a common bottle BUT this is the first one I have seen. It is 3 1/4" tall. Here she is:
  7. L

    Got another one.. (I'm on a roll)

    I got another one yesterday. This one is a KT-16 (only has "SHARP & DOHME... BALTIMORE" embossed in the glass). WELL..... now you can see why this is a POISON. My new addition has a couple of nice labels: Here is the front:
  8. L

    New bottles from Santa

    Well...... I now have 2 more on the way for my collection. I got a short KD-1 ( 1 3/8") shown below:
  9. L

    A different bunch of ANTROL bottles

    I am seeing a different type of ANTROL bottle starting to show up on ebay. They are clear, round and have 3 little half circle cut-outs in the top edge. We have all seen the bottles made to lay on their side. This is something new to me. Anyone else know anything about how many ANTROL bottles...
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    Dirty old KO-4

    I got me another one. This is a KO-4 that needs some cleaning. It's 2.5" tall and is (supposed to be) clear. It is embossed..... "STRYCHNIA" on top of "POISON".
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    Got a new one on the way

    Well, it has been a while since I got a new poison but I scored this morning on ebay. I got a variant of a KT-8 which has "POISON" written on 2 panels. I already had one with "POISON" embossed on one panel so I thought this would be a nice addition to the collection. Here she is: 2.75"...
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    Got me a new poison (The Smiling Skull)

    Well, it's been a while since I picked up a new bottle but I just got this one today. It's a KU-19 2 3/4" Cobalt "Smiling Skull". (I wonder what he is smiling about.)
  13. L

    KO-5 screw cap

    I just got this one off ebay. It appears to be a screw cap KO-5. I didn't know there was such an animal.
  14. L

    Unlisted Green Poison ????

    I got this one at a flea market yesterday. I can't seem to find this one in the books. I almost missed the fact that it says "POISON" until after I picked it up to take a look at it. Anybody ever seen one of these? (Stephen?? Jerry?? Anybody???) The oposite side is smooth for a label.
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    I finally got the other 3 skulls

    No..... not the cobalt blue skulls........ (I only wish) I couldn't find the 3 tequila skulls around here so I put my son on it. He has a friend that lives in Arizona so......... now I have the other 3 modern skull decanters / bottles out there today. You can tell they are hand painted.
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    Found some in the creek

    I heard tell there might be some bottles in a nearby creek so off I went to check it out. Sure 'nuff... the spot I picked to dig was next to an old log. Looks like the stopper top bottles wanted a hug from that old log. I found these in a stretch the length of the log. It sure was fun digging...
  17. L

    I picked up this one off ebay

    I got this English poison off ebay a couple of weeks ago. Came all the way from the UK. I didn't think it was such a bad bottle for only a buck fifty-eight plus shipping. I'm thinking maybe it's a KC-87 (????) It's 4 3/4" tall.
  18. L

    Got some more nice ones from Jerry

    WOW..... Jerry, these are really nice! You are the man!! Here is a few I just got. First, a CLEAR KV-1 3 5/8" tall. I like this one!
  19. L

    Poison "pills"

    Some of the bottles I have aquired still have the "pills" inside. I know these were never meant to be taken orally hence the shape of the bottle AND the shape of some of the pills. My son and I was looking through the bottles at some of the contents when my son noticed some of the pills have a...
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    New poison bottle shelf

    I knocked out a quick coffin shaped shelf for my bottles today. My old shelf was getting crowded and I couldn't see all the bottles.

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