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  1. J

    Any Teem-members?

    I try to stick to actual Pepsi bottles in my collecting, and don't venture a lot into the other flavors that Pepsi-Cola owned. However I saw this bottle and knew enough about Teem and their NRND to pick it up. Some members of the Pepsi club on Facebook seem to think it's pretty rare. I can't...
  2. J

    Attn: 7UP Collectors

    I picked up this bottle on a hunch the other day. When I saw it, I didn't think much of it as it's a later NRND bottle. But when I picked it up, the bottling location seemed odd, so I bought it. Those of you who collect 7-UP, is this a normal location to be on this style bottle, 7UP Research...
  3. J

    Pepsi NRND

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but Pepsi was one of the 1st to experiment with No Return No Deposit Bottles. In 1948 they experimented with NRND, that didn't go over well, but the bottles are fairly common. They frequent eBay and typically sell for 35ish. NRND caught on and was in mass production...
  4. J

    Pepsi Cola - 3 Rivers Glass, Tupelo MISS

    Hey guys and gals, I wanted to post a few photos of my newest bottle and see if anyone has any info. It's a clear glass that likely had a paper label on it. This means, it's likely from the 30s. It has a frosted neck with a modified Double Dot Pepsi logo on it. There is a small '4' near the...
  5. J

    Kentucky Soda Bottles

    In between collecting Pepsi's, I've started picking up other Kentucky based soda bottles when the price is right, or if I have a connection to the place it's from. I thought I'd start a running thread of my bottles and hopefully some of you can give me your insight and share your KY soda bottles...
  6. J

    Sinalco Bowling Pin Bottles

    I picked up this trio a couple weeks ago. They are all from Lexington KY. They all have 2 seems on the side. Set Amber: Sinalco - 'J' on bottom Aqua: 7oz Sinalco - 'J' on bottom Aqua: Sinalco Bottling Works - Lexington KY This one has a little different shape, a little wider in the middle...
  7. J

    John G. Epping Bottles

    Hey guys, just wanted to post my John G. Epping bottle collection. There are still a few more I need to complete it, but I still like the set I have. These are not rare, especially around Lexington & Louisville KY. Actually, most of them are downright common. What I like about these bottles...
  8. J

    1930s Pepsi Bottle - Louisville KY & others

    I hate to have to do a new post, but the new forum doesn't allow us to update older posts. On a side note, that really needs to be changed. I had a running thread of my Kentucky bottles here As a sidenote, about 2 years ago I won a paper label Louisville bottle from ebay. It was on the Pepsi...
  9. J

    Sheikh Saud bin Mohammed Al-Thani has passed away

    I saw this on the Pepsi-Cola Collectors Club FB page, thought I'd pass along. Sheikh Saud bin Mohammed Al-Thani of Qatar, at one time the biggest art collector in the world, died at his home in London on Sunday, aged 48. The news was announced at a museums conference in Doha, earlier today, 10...
  10. J

    Soda Go With: Pepsi Crate

    I've had this crate for a bit, but was thinking about it recently. I purchased it off the Bay. Some of you know that I collect Pepsi items, specifically Kentucky related Pepsi items. This Louisville crate came up so I jumped on it. First, it's a Generalite Bottle Box from the General Box...
  11. J

    Sher A Cola

    I recently picked up these two Sher A Cola bottles. They are in fairly good shape, both need a good cleaning. The clear one has a little damage on the back and a few glass bubbles. I'm assuming these are Coca-Cola knock offs. Both are from Lexington KY. Anybody have a guess as to what the...
  12. J

    New unique Pepsi Bottle

    Okay, so I was browsing Ebay and saw this bottle had just been listed. It is in rough shape, but appeared to be an all white version as seen in the Ayers Guide from Sedonia MO. There was some damage and the label was in poor shape, but it was only a couple dollars so I bought it...
  13. J

    a bottle in front of me

    I hate to post this, but I'm not sure what to do. Does anyone here know or ever done business with Ebay member "abottleinfrontofme"? I was lucky enough to win a paper label Louisville KY Pepsi bottle from him, but he's never responded or shipped it and it's been almost a month. He had great...
  14. J

    Nice Collection for sale

    Somebody is selling a nice Pepsi collection. Some very rare and expensive bottles I've never seen, or heard of a Single-Drum Pepsi bottle this big http://www.ebay.com/itm/Two-Old-Rare-Pepsi-Drum-Style-Bottles-/171123600674?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27d7c2ed22 Some rare Proto-types...
  15. J

    H.C. Catron Steam Bottling Works

    I hit one of my local shops that has a lot of bottles. Though I usually only buy Pepsi related items, I also love Kentucky related bottles of all kinds. I saw this and bought it for $4. It's not perfect, but I had a hunch it could be rare due to the sytle/year/and size of the town (small)...
  16. J

    See any value or collect-ability in these bottles?

    I stop by this local flea market about once every week or two. This booth has a ton of bottles and for cheap. There is rarely a good Pepsi bottle, but I hate seeing these sit there and I wonder if there is anything worth flipping, or if I can help get some into the hands that would really...
  17. J

    SS Coke Bottle question

    I normally only post on Pepsi related things, but I have another Coke question. This forum has taught me to see the value in other bottles so I went out on a limb to buy this one when I saw it in a flea market. I do want to resell it, but don't really care about making big money from the Sheik...
  18. J

    Kentucky Pepsi Cola

    I've been working on expanding my Kentucky Pepsi Cola collection and I thought I'd Share a few photos. I've really tried to refine my collecting, focusing on Kentucky Pepsi bottles and not just buying up all kinds of bottles. I keep a list of all the bottles I have and that I've seen. I'm...
  19. J

    Need help on this odd bottle

    I'm hoping somebody here has any information on this bottle. I'm curious if anyone has ever seen one before. 1st, the bottle: The bottle is a light aqua with a 'shingles' design on it. On the neck it reads "Wallins Bottling Works" On the base it reads "Wallins Green, KY", "Cap 6...
  20. J

    Coca-Cola Copycats

    Hello everybody, I normally post here on Pepsi related items and usually don't seek coke or coke related things out, but I am today. I picked up a few copycats and a coke from a flea-market and I need some info on them. I read most threads here so I knew I should buy them to save them and...

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