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  1. hemihampton

    Hire's ACL.

    I found this Hires in a dump way back in mid October. Some one, Robby Raccoon I think asked if it's true to let sit a month to dry out before cleaning. I said Yes & That's what I do. SO, after 2 1/2 months I decided to clean it yesterday. Here it is. No Paint loss or no additional paint loss...
  2. hemihampton

    Last Privy Dig of 2019. 1870's.

    Like I said Yesterday in another post that hopefully I'll get out today to dig some Privy's. Well, I did. Me & Tom & Tom's cousin Dave got out. Tried to find a town dump but after hours of poking around found nothing.I said lets dig some Privy's. As Usual I start probing near back corner, after...
  3. hemihampton

    Christmas Eve Hutch Find.

    Got out Yesterday after work. On my Lunch Break I seen they just tore a house down & figured I'd stop by after work. SO, After work I did. And found sitting on top of the dirt a Hutch Bottle I didn't have in collection. I got 3 different Froelich Hutch's but been looking for this Froelich &...
  4. hemihampton

    Detroit Bottle Show finds.

    Got a table this year & sold a small amount of Bottles. Maybe $200 worth. But then spent $400 on about 40 bottles. Most of them were common bottles I picked up from a Friend on ebay & he delivered them to show to save me some hefty Postage. Then picked up a few at the show, some of them Pictured...
  5. hemihampton

    Found these bottles under house.

    Found these bottles under a old Abandoned House Porch in Detroit. This was about 3 weeks ago, I was on my hour long Lunch break when I drive by this old house for like the 100th time in past 3 years. Always wanted to stop & see what was under the front Porch since part of it was missing or had a...
  6. hemihampton

    Finally dug my first Cistern.

    Well, Not really, not yet, still have along way to go. Never hit bottom yet where hopefully all the Killer Pontil bottles are. Got out last Saturday with Tom & Vic & Bill. Bills been a long time old time member in here so some might remember him from 10+ years ago. Been trying to talk Tom into...
  7. hemihampton

    Hires Root Beer ACL.

    Was digging in a campground dump for Beer Cans when I found this nice Gem. LEON.
  8. hemihampton

    Finally found a good Privy.

    Me & Tom got out about 6 times this year, not much. did not find much all year long. a slow year. Finally last Weekend, Me & Tom & Vic went up north to do some Privy Digging. Tom Probed out the first Privy. It was a total Dud. only got a broken Crock top Handle. SO, I started probing along the...
  9. hemihampton

    5 new soda bottles.

    Picked up these 5 new Soda Bottles Today. Pepsi's from Dossin's in Detroit. Rare 1 of 3 known Cobalt Blue Hutch from the U.P. LEON.
  10. hemihampton

    Picked these up Today at Michigan Bottle Show.

    Picked these up today at Michigan Bottle show. Wasn't alot there that I like to Collect like Michigan & Detroit Blob Beers & Hutches. Did get this Super Rare Cobalt Blue Hutch from the U.P. I got it in Aqua but been told only 3 known to exist in this Cobalt Blue. Always wanted the Green Pepsi...
  11. hemihampton

    Chiseled old Beer Bottle ouit of Concrete Wall.

    I stopped by a old Abandoned house. Been driving by it for years, wanting to probe back yard for a Privy. Then this Spring it looked like people started working on it. Not sure what they are doing but put it up on stilts & building like a 10 foot wall under it all around outer edge of house...
  12. hemihampton

    Dr. Dimock's tamarac bitters buffalo new york?

    Does anybody know anything about this bottle? did a search in here & elsewhere but nothing turned up. any info appreciated. THANKS, LEON.
  13. hemihampton

    Recent Construction Finds.

    Found a A FUNKE Hutch sitting on top of dirt pile at Construction site. LEON.
  14. hemihampton

    New Addition Straight Sided Coke.

    I usually only collect Michigan Cokes but I liked this one. LEON.
  15. hemihampton

    Another Good Day & Great Find.

    After work near downtown Detroit I drove by a old spot Me & Tom dug like about 8 years ago. About 5 years ago I drove by the spot & I see some old dug holes from Bottle Diggers across the Street from our spot. Looked like they were dug years ago. I wondered who it was. About a Year later I meet...
  16. hemihampton

    New 1870's Blob Top from Grand Rapids Michigan.

    Picked this one up recently. anybody know anything about it? E.J. McKittrick. Tough or Common?LEON.
  17. hemihampton

    Another Good Day, Scored 2 cases of ACL Bottles under Old Building.

    Another Good day, Found something Friday after work, Then Monday after Work, Then Today, Wednesday after work. Took Yesterday, Tuesday off from looking or I probably would of found something then. Climbed under the back porch of old Abandoned Building & found 2 cases of ACL Soda bottles in...
  18. hemihampton

    Detroit Demolition Find again, Part 2?

    Wow, Having good luck Lately, after Work Friday find a nice Hutch at a House Demo & now again Today after work I find another at a House Demo. BUT, This time a Cobalt Blue Hutch. Some Teaser Pics below. LEON.
  19. hemihampton

    Buy a new Cadillac car & get free Cadillac Bottle?

    This Auction sez if you bought a new Cadillac you'd get this Cadillac Bottle also? LOL. https://www.ebay.com/itm/192888836752?ul_noapp=true https://www.ebay.com/itm/192888836752?ul_noapp=true Vintage Cadillac Ginger Ale Bottle, Quart Size. See photos for specific condition. Says, "This...
  20. hemihampton

    Detroit Demolition Find.

    Past couple of days been climbing under old house crawlspaces of Abandoned house looking for old cans & bottles. I did get a real nice bottle today. got a few bottles under a few different house's but this McBride Earl & Pollard Hutch Bottle by far the best. Attic mint with mint intact...

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