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    Is this a normal 1943 Coca Cola bottle color? Or repro?

    It is a real Coca Cola bottle. The older bottles like that varied in color depending on which glass house made them. I have also seen them in a light blue color.
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    looking for Christmas script ball jars

    There is one listed in North American Glass auction that will be starting Monday Jan. 20. Greg always seems to have at least one of them in every auction.
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    odd slag glass thing?

    It is a lighter. It is missing the cord and element unit for lighting cigarettes.
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    Dumps Don't Disappoint

    I don't think it is a Hemingray. Their refrigerator bottles usually had an embossed design, such as a waterfall, on them.
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    Dumps Don't Disappoint

    It is a refrigerator jar for water.
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    Galveston Dig

    Looks like the base part of a small kerosene lamp.
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    Nu icy bottle

    I would have to agree. 1953.
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    Last Privy Dig of 2019. 1870's.

    That's the way to end the year. Great bottles. Thanks for letting us in on your dig.
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    White Rose Lemon-Lime

    From what I can see on the bottom of the bottle it was made by Owens Illinois. Date 1940. Plant number 23 which would be Los Angeles. Drink was probably a 7UP type drink.
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    A bunch of new Paterson N.J. additions....

    Great to see the new additions to your collection. Always enjoy seeing the new stoneware pieces you pick up.
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    I found these digging bottles please help me id them

    The telephone shaped bottle is a candy container.
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    Pittsburgh Heinz History Museum Bottles

    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing them.
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    I'm 100% Stumped

    I have to agree with NC btl-dvr. It is a float ball for a toilet tank. The part raised up from it with a lip is where a metal part is crimped to it and a rod screwed into the metal attachment on one end and to the fill valve on the other.
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    Pepsi Stryofoam label's

    Nice find. It's probably great having a sister like that. I'd keep her in the family if she keeps making finds like that for you.
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    New YouTube Video! Bottle hunting in northern Michigan.

    Neat video. You found some cool stuff. The really crude brown insulator is a good find. Too bad about the damage.
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    Almost gave up and found a pre pro Detroit beer bottle

    Great story. Keep them coming.
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    Few of my St. Louis Colored Soda's

    Great color. I can see why they are some of your favorites.
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    Pepsi bottle

    Great bottle. I love those old embossed bottles from major soda makers before they standardized their bottles. A lot of variety.
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    7up Toronto 8 bubble and NDNR quart!

    Congratulations. Glad it worked out. Great bottles. I can see why you are excited about getting them.
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    How to Reattach Paper Labels

    I have to agree with Leon. Elmers Glue Stick should work just fine. When the labels were originally put on the bottle no one cared what glue was used they just put it on the label and slapped it on the bottle. There are bottles out there that have had there labels for over a hundred years with...

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