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  1. RCO

    neat soda bottle caps from Garlands North Bay Ontario

    noticed these on ebay , pretty familiar with Garland's beverages from North Bay Ontario . actually one of the first bottles I ever found as I found one of these years ago on our own property when much younger . never seen these 2 bottle caps before though , I think they lasted into the late...
  2. RCO

    8 oz Orange Crush bottle from Canada

    a month or so I found this bottle at an antique mall in southern Ontario , there was a table with about 20 different orange crush / crush bottles all marked $10 each . most I had seen before but something about this one seemed off , different size and different than the other clear ones . my...
  3. RCO

    VH Albert - Edmundston New Brunswick soda bottle

    was going to share another bottle that I had discovered online and was trying to learn more about . its for a bottler called " V.H. Albert and from Edmundston New Brunswick " I originally saw this bottle on ebay but seller wanted too much for it and it no longer seems to be available . when...
  4. RCO

    Canadian Champion Co Ltd art deco bottle

    since I was using a picture of this bottle as my " main imagine " for the time being , though I'd repost the bottle in case anyone wondered about how I acquired it . I originally found it in the fall of 2014 at an antique mall in southern Ontario and bottle was mentioned in a post about some...
  5. RCO

    found a Howdy - Club Soda can

    not a bottle but a can , found this the other day and couldn't find anything out about it . nothing I found online indicates Howdy made club soda . it seem odd that they ever made club soda as they were known for flavoured drinks and already several club sodas on the market ( Canada dry ...
  6. RCO

    King Edward funeral silk ribbon found in old book

    found an old book at a small charity sale at the mall , interesting old book about southern Ontario , it was published in 1904 . in the back I noticed an odd bookmark and eventually realised it was a silk ribbon . second king Edward find of the year as earlier I found an old penny , this...
  7. RCO

    Pepsola acl soda bottle Sudbury Ontario

    just sharing a bottle I saw online when searching around google , never seen it before . appears to have been sold on the icollectors site earlier this fall for a small amount , think it was worth a lot more . its from Brunet's beverages which was a bottler from Sudbury Ontario , have seen a...
  8. RCO

    Coins found with Metal Magnet summer of 2019

    not sure if I had previously mentioned that I had been using a metal magnet this past summer , I got one around the first week of July and most of these coins were found in July and August , also went out a couple times in September but not often . the picture does not include coins I found...
  9. RCO

    Crystal Springs Mfg co - Halifax Nova Scotia bottle

    was searching thru some sold listings on ebay and saw a bottle that I had been looking for and just sold a couple days ago , wasn't aware one even was online . but at least now I have a picture of one , which is a start and likely others out there . anyways its an octagon panel style bottle...
  10. RCO

    Davern Ginger Ale co - Cobourg Ontario bottle

    seem to have forgot to post this bottle , actually found it this spring at the Toronto bottle show , for some reason I wanted a bottle from Cobourg Ontario and had a hard time finding one . its sort of a neat little town on lake Ontario , had been there before but never had a bottle from the...
  11. RCO

    Trudel Beverages - Kirkland Lake Ontario soda bottle

    found this at an antique mall on the weekend . a small 6 1/2 oz soda bottle from Northern Ontario . Trudel Beverages was from Kirkland Lake Ontario which was a booming mining town when it would of been used in the 30's/ 40's era . actually never been to Kirkland Lake but it has some interesting...
  12. RCO

    Like Diet no deposit no return bottle

    I found this on the weekend , its been a dismal year for antique stores in this area , yet another one is closing . if you've ever been to Gravenhurst Ontario , Muskoka retro on mainstreet is closing , the building has been sold and they have to leave . its sounds like the owners are old and...
  13. RCO

    found Cream Soda Crush stubby bottle and can

    the other day I came across a roadside embankment I hadn't checked before ( thick spruce/evergreen trees so no one had really been down there in years ) , a fair bit of semi modern stuff down there . not sure there was anything older than the 70's but a few items from the 80's and 90's I hadn't...
  14. RCO

    The Brantford Pottery - Archaeology dig ROM book

    not sure where to post this but found this book a couple weeks back , an older couple had it for sale at a show . it was published in 1968 by the Royal Ontario Museum and is about a dig in Brantford Ontario , where a lot of old pottery was found . at a previous industry site where they made...
  15. RCO

    Tivoli Brewing co Detroit beer bottle found swimming

    I found this beer bottle when swimming the other day , never really heard of the Tivoli Brewing co before . but according to posts online it operated from 1933-1948 , so more than likely this bottle is 40's era . " Tivoli Brewing co , Detroit Mich " and " registered " on bottom of bottle ...
  16. RCO

    7 up 8 bubble bottle found swimming

    i recently pulled this one out of the lake , at my usual honeyhole location where I've found 100's of bottles over the years , although haven't been there much this year as I hadn't been finding much although apparently still stuff down there . what I found was the 1930's era Canadian 8 bubble...
  17. RCO

    broken hutch bottle found when swimming

    I found this bottle near a dock when swimming the other day . it was semi hidden in some sand , obviously been there for some time . it would appear to be a " Clark Bros - Toronto " hutch bottle , 1880-1900 era . I don't really collect Toronto hutch bottles so not that familiar with it ...
  18. RCO

    Hinds Beverages Orillia embossed bottle

    I ran across this bottle on the weekend , found it at a street market , vendor there has bottles and I've known him for years . but never knew he had this bottle , in fact don't recall ever seeing it before despite the fact its local to my area . its for " Hinds Beverages Orillia " , if...
  19. RCO

    found a couple old Canadian coins in the lake

    I've actually been having more luck finding coins lately than bottles , I recently started using a metal magnet and checking a lot of the same locations I went swimming for bottles in the past . mostly finding a lot of nails and modern Canadian coins which are made of metal . most older...
  20. RCO

    Hood's Sarsaparilla aqua bottle found swimming

    I found this bottle when swimming in the muskoka lakes area the other day , swimming around and saw in on the bottom , couldn't tell exactly what the bottle was but pretty sure it was an old one based on colour so pulled it and took it to shore . not one I've seen or found before but appears...

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