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  1. sandchip

    Help id

    I'd say beer, and '80s or so.
  2. sandchip

    Two bottles I am unsure about?

    Look closely at the first picture of the black glass example, left side about midways of his thumb. Most definitely blown in a three-piece mold also confirmed by the embossing on the base, which would have been erased in a turn mold. Small picture, but if you're able to zoom in, you'll see it...
  3. sandchip

    Has anybody seen this one

    I agree that it's a pocket whiskey flask, much like the Biningers, Whartons and Klines. Although it has a cork stopper now, it appears to have a ground lip and originally took a screw cap, probably of aluminum.
  4. sandchip

    New Site—Philly, MA, & Import Bottles

    Nice! Definite potential on that site.
  5. sandchip

    Two bottles I am unsure about?

    Only the first one is a turn mold. The second, black glass example is a three mold and more than likely contained ale. Not sure what the first one contained. It looks just like the larger olive green examples that were used to bottle Apolinaris mineral water but I don't know of any labeled...
  6. sandchip

    Need help identifying this antique red amber bottle.

    The height and diameter is my reasoning for thinking it's a brandy.
  7. sandchip

    Help to ID a Kentucky Bourbon Bottle with a partial label.

    Whether or not you need help with anything, we love just looking at bottles, so post away anytime.
  8. sandchip

    Very First Bottle Find

    That's a hell of a way to start a collection. And to think, my collection started with a hobbleskirt Coke!
  9. sandchip

    Help to ID a Kentucky Bourbon Bottle with a partial label.

    Just being totally realistic here, but I'd would estimate the value between $100.00 and $200.00. Thanks to Old Wilt, we now know it is a Bininger product, which is the only real thing that's going for it among whiskey collectors. The downside is that so much of the label is missing, including...
  10. sandchip

    Help to ID a Kentucky Bourbon Bottle with a partial label.

    Is your bottle pontiled?
  11. sandchip

    Looking for any info on Dr A S Hopkins Union Stomach Bitters Hartford Conn.

    The neck isn't tooled. The last picture clearly shows the mold line, or "seam" extending to the underside of the applied collar. Not terribly rare, but not nearly as common as Hostetters. Beautiful color and a great example. Thanks for sharing that one with us.
  12. sandchip

    Need help identifying this antique red amber bottle.

    I'm thinking brandy.
  13. sandchip

    Help to ID a Kentucky Bourbon Bottle with a partial label.

    For real? As knowledgeable as you are on bottles, that's shocking. There are several. R.B. Cutter, Bininger's Knickerbocker and Day Dream, Griffith & Hyatt, Chestnut Grove, Vidvard & Sheehan, W.B. Crowell Star, and the list goes on and on.
  14. sandchip

    Whistle Bottling Company

    That's one fine looking soda!
  15. sandchip

    Delaware Punch Bottle

    You'd probably get better results posting this on the Wanted to Buy section a little further down the home page. Best of luck.
  16. sandchip

    Sydenham Glass Co. ( Wallaceburg, Ontario ) Two Coloured - Book Flask

    Don't know anything about it, but that's a great color.
  17. sandchip

    Some Nicer Medicines

    Duh. Lucky for me that he wasn't a rattlesnake!
  18. sandchip

    Some Nicer Medicines

    Has Rhode Island been on here lately? Hope all is well with him.
  19. sandchip

    Tooled Crown Top?

    Depending on when he was in business, I'd say 1890-1910. It is hand blown into a full height mold. Nice bottle with nice color!
  20. sandchip

    WTB COLUMBUS, GA Bottles Wanted medicine, bitters, John Ryan

    You may be the fellow who JF mentioned to me the other day, so you might've already seen pictures of my only Columbus bottle. I'll put your name on it should I decide to part with it.

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