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  1. embe

    Highlighted embossing makes for easy reading

    I can see the benefit if they were up on a shelf and the embossing would otherwise be hard to read. Look pretty cool actually but I don't know if I'd have the patience, especially for the more complex ones like the A-B.
  2. embe

    Simple cleaning that worked for me.

    What is the purpose of magnets and velcro (if you don't mind a question)?
  3. embe

    what is it?

    I was hoping somebody would have ID'd it by now so my brain could take a break, lol. It reminds me of an old vegetable peeler handle, but the chain is throwing me off.
  4. embe

    recent finds part 2

    Nice finds!
  5. embe

    Paul Jones and Co Four Roses bottle

    Does the inside need cleaning? That top might have kept it from from getting dirtier, it's in much better shape than some of the bottles I've come across
  6. embe

    My Collection Photographed Individually

    Cool bottles, that label on the electric bitters is an interesting read.
  7. embe

    Mini Borden's bottles in crate

    What's in them?
  8. embe

    LK makers mark (in a six pointed star) on bottom.

    That logo looks about spot on! Very interesting, good to know! My first riddle solved for the New Year, Thank You
  9. embe

    LK makers mark (in a six pointed star) on bottom.

    I know, right? It's currently packed away and I thought the bottom mark would make it easy to track down but not having any luck so far. If I recall it was nondescript, clear bottle, probably 6-8oz with a crown top. There was another similar one with the same logo on bottom but said pat...
  10. embe

    Trash Dump Dig #2

    My guess is the wings were probably the first thing to break off. Those old metal planes didn't fly so well but I'm sure every kid tried.
  11. embe

    Trash Dump Dig #2

    That airplane in the last pic is pretty cool too
  12. embe

    LK makers mark (in a six pointed star) on bottom.

    Anyone recognize this mark? Did a bit of research and came up blank. No other real identifiable features (should have taken more pics before packing away, thought it would be easier to look up). Assuming >1900 because of the top being crown cap. Thanks!
  13. embe


    That's kinda concerning. Ew. Could have been used for a wide variety of who-knows-what. If you decide to keep the bottle I'd attempt to sterilize the heck out of it, but that's just me.
  14. embe

    My 2019 total

    Nice, keep on keepin' on.
  15. embe

    How to take modern paint off bottles

    Her heart might have been in the right place. I'd try warm soapy water before sandpaper. Good luck lol
  16. embe

    Heartbreaking Dig

    Was something like a 3 gal crock often dumped if it wasn't already broken? Or maybe got broken while being dumped?
  17. embe

    How to Frankenstein bottles?

    Could end up worse than it is currently, unless you know what you're doing. I see what you mean about the slant but keep in mind lining up two angles will be tougher than a straight cut.
  18. embe

    Modified R.C. Cola bottle?

    Pretty sure they were heated with a a torch and stretched out.
  19. embe

    Burdock Blood Bitters & 1914 Almanac - back together again :)

    Pretty cool. What size did these come in? The top is throwing me off.
  20. embe

    Really Old Bowl?

    It stood out to me that most of those google examples show the pattern on the inside of the bowl vs outside...whether that's significant or not?

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