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    Back in the (Bottle digging) game

    Been out of commission for a couple of years with a bad back. I had surgery to repair a herniated disc in August 2014 and I'm just now getting back to digging. I've been out maybe 5 or 6 times so far this fall with nothing to show. Things changed on Saturday though as you can see - I dug a local...
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    Poletop Auction

    Looks like the recently unearthed bureau knob CD 780 threadless ended up in Ray Klingensmith's latest auction: http://www.rtam.com/poletop/cgi-bin/SHOWITEM.CGIOnly one bid so far, but not to worry starting bid was $3,000 (!) Congrats on a great find. Here's the original thread where board member...
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    Detroit Iron Pontiled Soda

    I picked up this Calnon & Cronk IP squat a couple of weeks ago at a farm auction. How it got up here, I have no idea, but the price was right: CALNON & CRONK/MINERAL WATER/DETROIT//BOTTLES RETURNED
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    1860's meds & Gravitating stopper

    I picked these up at the Toronto Bottle show the weekend before last: 3 Canada West Meds (Canada West was basically Ontario, Canada before confederation 1841 - 1867) Northop & / Lyman / Newcastle CW Morris's / Electric Fluid / Peterboro CW Coombe's / Balm of / Columbia / Toronto / CW...
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    My First embossed Blobtop

    My digging buddy Dave and I were out yesterday at a dump he found last year. I had dug an unembossed blob there last year, he dug a couple of nice embossed green ones (all quarts) Yesterday was our first outing of the season and within the first 30 minutes I dug this blob quart Chas Wilson...
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    Sunday Dig

    It's been a while since I've posted a dig story so here goes: Dave (CanadianBoy) decided to take a break from his world travels to get out for a dig. We had done a quick dig at this spot last year and found mainly newer stuff. The dump covers probably 3 - 4 acres and is on top of perfectly flat...
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    Bergner & Engel's beer - York, PA

    Here's one I found at a local auction about 5 years ago just before we moved to a new house. It's been boxed up since then and I just found it again last night. I have no idea how a bottle from PA ended up in central Ontario. The embossing reads: B & E B.C. G.W. NOEDEL AGT On the back...
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    Some of the finds from the last couple of weeks

    Here's a few from the last few weeks, I still have buckets full to clean. From left to right: Singer Mfg. Inc. - sewing machine oil 2 different sizes of Bromo Seltzer in deep cobalt 2 square cobalt inks Small Crown sealer (pint maybe?) Nice ribbed sauce - pepper suace maybe Nice cork top...
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    A few finds from last fall

    Here's a few finds from last fall. I finally got around to cleaning some of the backlog I've got in boxes. Some common stuff and a few interesting Canadian bottles - from Left to Right: -Kendall's Spavin Cure for Human Flesh -Coffin Poison -Le Grande's Arabian Catarrh Remedy -Northrop and...
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    G. W. Noedel ACT?? Australian??

    Is there anyone on the list that has any details about this bottle? I bought it at an auction sale here in Ontario, Canada. The embossing reads: Front: B & E, B.C/ G.W. Noedel/Act Back: THIS BOTTLE / IS NEVER SOLD Is it possible ACT stands for Australian Capital Territory?? BTW: It's...
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    Anyone seen one of these?


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