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  1. slugplate

    I found this about a foot under ground in the hills by hursts castle.

    Hi Travis, the 18 and the 49 are two separate manufacture's numbers and really not indicative of a bottle with a patent of 1849. It was most likely a pill container from the 70s.
  2. slugplate

    Sauce bottle?

    The lip design is very reminiscent of a ketchup.
  3. slugplate

    New Site—Philly, MA, & Import Bottles

    That's a good site! Nice variety of bottles in that dig. Well done.
  4. slugplate

    Very First Bottle Find

    It's in remarkably good shape considering it's probably around 70 years old. Nice pickup!
  5. slugplate

    Very First Bottle Find

    I can't recall with certainty, but I think it was an India Wharf Brewing Co. Since then I've uncovered nearly 50 blob beers from that location. Some are mint, others are battle worn but I still keep them. Here's a pic of my display collection, but there are over a dozen or more in storage (I'd...
  6. slugplate

    It Comes With The Territory

    I find some interesting stuff around there. My favorites was a .50 cal cartridge and two artillery uniform pins. Of which, I gave to a friend of mine who loves militaria. I also gave him a nose piece of an artillery round which was amazingly in good shape considering the projectile must have...
  7. slugplate

    Two bottles I am unsure about?

    Both bottles are turn molded bottles. That process usually covers up the seam marks and gives a nice luster to the glass. If I'm not mistaken, you are correct and both were mineral water bottles. Sometimes you can find the dark amber bottle in a three piece mold as well. Anyway, they're great...
  8. slugplate

    Is this a normal 1943 Coca Cola bottle color? Or repro?

    I don't believe it's a repro. To use a common city like Seattle would not even make up for the cost of the glass if the bottle sold. If they were going to repro a bottle, it would have to be of a much higher value and much more rare.
  9. slugplate

    Very First Bottle Find

    No doubt I was very fortunate to uncover it. I've never seen another in 20 years of digging and hunting.
  10. slugplate

    It Comes With The Territory

    I've been hunting this old military base for bottles for a long time. The things I come across are sometimes very interesting. I've found the nose detonator for an artillery projectile and, believe it or not, a live 75mm round. I called the police, who called the bomb squad that later detonated...
  11. slugplate

    New Dig Site.

    I think erosion will help your digging too. To me, it does look like a well and most certainly they didn't throw goodies down there on purpose and spoil the water. However, some bottles may have washed in there over time, but I'd probe it first. That my help answer your question of whether to...
  12. slugplate

    Very First Bottle Find

    Here is my treasured bottle. It was my first bottle find (1999) and I've been on a hunting and digging frenzy ever since. Not bad for the first "keeper" bottle I ever found. A sought after, pictorial Schaefer blob top.
  13. slugplate

    can anybody provide info on this

    It's amazing how the New Zealand milk bottle design looks like ours. I know the UK milks have noticeably different lips, but NZ alludes me.
  14. slugplate

    Need help identifying this antique red amber bottle.

    To me it looks like a pre-prohibition malt liquor bottle.
  15. slugplate

    Old Bottle question.

    Welcome to the site, Will. As was stated by CanadianBottles, they are pretty common and have little value to bottle collectors. However, the older stuff will come, just maintain that dogged determination to uncover them. Don't worry, we all started there.
  16. slugplate

    Remembering Our First Bottle Find

    Exactly. The excitement finding bottles is addictive.
  17. slugplate

    Christmas Eve Hutch Find.

    Wow, that's quite a truck load of bottles! If I uncover a hutch around here it's a miracle find for me.
  18. slugplate

    Coca Cola soda water

    It's a nice bottle. Has some pretty good wear, probably from rolling around in a creek, stream or large body of water. Good news is is that Coke products will always have some value attached to them. It could certainly be a '58 based on the base embossing.
  19. slugplate

    worth the price?

    I don't see much there, all are pretty common and you can find them in almost every dump. Other than the rectangular bottle that's embossed, the rest can be recycled.
  20. slugplate

    Remembering Our First Bottle Find

    Do you remember finding your very first bottle? Mine was a Schaefer "Barrel" blob top beer I found in the Spring of 1999 purely by accident. That find had me addicted from the moment I found it. Twenty years later I have dug or hunted over 200 keeper bottles and I'm proud to say I have worked...

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