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  1. Old Wiltshire

    Help to ID a Kentucky Bourbon Bottle with a partial label.

    - With regards to seeking an opinion as to its value I would suggest it would probably be best to contact a reputable specialist auction house to seek their views. - The following are two that I have personally bought from and would recommend...
  2. Old Wiltshire

    Help to ID a Kentucky Bourbon Bottle with a partial label.

    - HI, Your bottle is one of the many types used by A.M Bininger of New York. An example with a complete label is shown below. - - - Jim Bender, the FOHBC historian, published what is probably the current definitive catalogue of Bininger bottles in 2017. At that time he listed your particular...
  3. Old Wiltshire

    Toby jug? What is it?

    It's a figural shaving mug...
  4. Old Wiltshire

    Seasons Greetings

    - Compliments of the season to all forum members and their families 'across the pond' or where ever you may be from the members of the British Antique Bottle Forum. - - www.britishbottleforum.co.uk :)
  5. Old Wiltshire

    Bottle Enthusiasts

    - One of the advantages of a 'forum' type platform is the searchable database it builds up. - It would appear that since the change that facility to search the whole database appears to have now gone. For instance, a search using the keyword Bitters only brings up seven results. - I know I had...
  6. Old Wiltshire

    Paper Label SPUR bottles

    - I would suggest they are normal crown closures. - The closures shown in the photograph do not appear to be attached to the neck in the normal way, it would be good to see them in the open position. - It also appears odd that with the amount of corrosion present the labels have survived in such...
  7. Old Wiltshire

    How to Post Images - New Software

    - Just a quick test using third party hosting. Seems to work OK. - :)
  8. Old Wiltshire

    Anybody have bottle tumbling services?

    - Hi Dave, You could try this link. http://swbottleandjarspa.com/ - :)
  9. Old Wiltshire

    Nocafeen Bottle

    - 'NOCAFEEN' was a trademark name first used in 1943 but filed by Cadbury-Schweppes Inc. in 1967 and registered in 1968. See the links for details https://trademarks.justia.com/owners/cadbury-schweppes-inc-17622/ https://trademarks.justia.com/722/79/nocafeen-72279886.html - :)
  10. Old Wiltshire

    Dr. Dimock's tamarac bitters buffalo new york?

    - Hi again Leon, Forgive me if you already know this but Dr. Dimock of Buffalo also produced Tally-Ho Bitters which was put up in a bottle of similar shape and colour to the Tamarac Bitters. - Ring & Ham is catalogue the Tally-Ho Bitters as D76 and rate it as rare. - Ferdinand Meyer has...
  11. Old Wiltshire

    Dr. Dimock's tamarac bitters buffalo new york?

    Hi Leon, It is listed in the 1998 edition of 'Bitters Bottles' by Ring & Ham as D75.5 where it is rated as extremely rare, pp192. :)
  12. Old Wiltshire

    Unknown Dr. J. Hostetter's

    - I'll always stand corrected but this appears to be one of the relatively modern slip cast pieces sold originally as decorative items. There are many varieties including codd bottles in the UK. They were never meant to deceive but unwary or novice collectors have been caught out by them. - The...
  13. Old Wiltshire

    Ever hear of John Helot, Long Branch, New Jersey Bottle?

    - Hi, sunnynature22 The name of the company will be John Heldt and there are several varieties of bottle listed on Tod von Meechow's site, however, I cannot see your type recorded there? http://www.sodasandbeers.com/SABSearchResults.aspx?Source=Firms&Firm=60155&SourceDesc=Heldt%2c+John -...
  14. Old Wiltshire

    J C Bakers Patent, Aug,14 1860

    - Hi again David. The patent specification for your jar (shown below) does relate to the closure for a fruit jar, however, it would appear yours has been adapted/re-purposed for another use and as I said earlier with that ventilated metal base it would appear to have been utilised as a...
  15. Old Wiltshire

    J C Bakers Patent, Aug,14 1860

    - At first glance it appears to be a candle/night light type of lantern, I'll see if I can find the patent specifications. - :)
  16. Old Wiltshire

    Is this an old onion bottle?

    - Phil's site is now up and running again. http://www.saddleflasks.com/ - :)
  17. Old Wiltshire

    Is this an old onion bottle?

    - Hi BrotherBo, Your bottle is Persian and is of a type that are generically referred to as 'Saddle Flasks' They are notoriously difficult to date as similar production techniques were used from the c17th century through to modern copies. - - Phil Culhane is probably acknowledged as the go...
  18. Old Wiltshire

    Early Canadian Glass Works Research -and Fruit jar and Insulator information

    - A very informative site, thank you for posting the link. I hope you don't mind but I have taken the liberty of also adding it to the British Antique Bottle Forum links. http://www.britishbottleforum.co.uk/ - :)
  19. Old Wiltshire

    Found in an Old Walled Garden in the UK

    - Hi, American Glass Works did not have full stops in their logo, however, both the Arsenal Glass Works and the Alloa Glass Works did. The Arsenal Glass Works were in operation between 1865 and 1869 and the Alloa Glass Works which had been established in Scotland in1750 apparently used the mark...
  20. Old Wiltshire

    Is this an ink bottle, or what?

    - Hi Harry, Your bottle seems very similar and shares some of the features of this one which is currently on the 'etsy' site, linked below the image. - - https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/6490...d_out_detail=1

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