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    Life root mucilage Pontil bottle.

    I have this bottle listed on eBay and it has attracted a lot of attention. I am new to this hobby and am wondering what the most desired trait of this bottle is. I really like the wavyness of the glass. Aesthetically pleasing. Or would it be the type of medicine? Life root seemed to be used to...
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    Dr Cummings vecetine?

    Looking for help on this one. Can’t seem to find anything on vecetine I’ve seen other dr Cummings bottles with extracts. But can’t even find the word, maybe a made up word to try to sell his elixir?
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    B & M inkwell?

    I have this bottle I’m trying to identify. I assume it is an inkwell from the B&M railroad. But I don’t know the purpose of the top. Haven’t been able to find a similar one online.. any thoughts?
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    Sawyer’s Cristal Blueing bottle. Misspelled with an I.

    Good day, I have come across a bottle that seems to be misspelled. All other bottles I have found online are spelled Crystal. Was wondering if anyone has come across 1 of these?

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