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  1. slugplate

    It Comes With The Territory

    I've been hunting this old military base for bottles for a long time. The things I come across are sometimes very interesting. I've found the nose detonator for an artillery projectile and, believe it or not, a live 75mm round. I called the police, who called the bomb squad that later detonated...
  2. slugplate

    Very First Bottle Find

    Here is my treasured bottle. It was my first bottle find (1999) and I've been on a hunting and digging frenzy ever since. Not bad for the first "keeper" bottle I ever found. A sought after, pictorial Schaefer blob top.
  3. slugplate

    Remembering Our First Bottle Find

    Do you remember finding your very first bottle? Mine was a Schaefer "Barrel" blob top beer I found in the Spring of 1999 purely by accident. That find had me addicted from the moment I found it. Twenty years later I have dug or hunted over 200 keeper bottles and I'm proud to say I have worked...
  4. slugplate

    Rubsam and Horrmann Blob

    I found this blob top bottle hunting this morning. Now I have two variants of it. As you can see it was a partially buried surface find.
  5. slugplate

    Tooled Crown Top?

    I found this digging the other day and just cleaned it late last night. It's a Jacob Onuschak from Northampton, PA. Strangely, the seam ends about 3/4" from the lip, twist marks on the neck, and tool marks around the neck by the lip. Pardon my ignorance because I've never found one, but do you...
  6. slugplate

    Seeking Vintage Red Bank and/or Highlands Bottles

    If anyone has blob top ponies, squats or hutches from the towns of Red Bank or Highlands, NJ, and you're considering selling one, please give me a shout. Thanks.
  7. slugplate

    Special Guest Stars Dig

    This Sunday, I have invited the Jersey History Hunters to my site. They are a YouTube team that will be filming and posting the dig/hunt on their YouTube channel. They are New Jersey artifact and bottle collectors and they'll be swinging coils over the area. Check them out.
  8. slugplate

    Sharing Bottle Sites

    I'm curious to find out how many of us share the location of their dig sites? Personally, I do not. I made that mistake once and it cost me quite a few treasures I'm sure... they stripped it dry.
  9. slugplate

    Hanbury Smith Vichy Water

    Dug this pontiled Vichy Water about a year ago with a lot of broken china. It does have a big crack going down the reverse side but very hard to see unless in direct light. I have only done a light cleaning on the exterior and nothing but a rinse on the interior because I didn't want to...
  10. slugplate

    I Love This '59 Pepsi

    My scare '59, 7oz embossed Pepsi is one of my top 3 finds of all time. Information on this bottle is just as hard to find as the bottle itself. I guess it pays to hunt in areas sane people would never attempt to enter.
  11. slugplate

    Two Recent Finds (Before and After)

    Here are two 20s soda bottles that I dug recently. They've been sitting in the ground for over 90 years. They do come out dirty and with some light staining. What you see in pic 2 is what I use to clean them. First off, I clean them out with water first to check what's inside, stains, rust, lime...
  12. slugplate

    Pardon My Intrusion

    I know there are a lot more diggers, hunters and collectors out there, somewhere in the AB cyber-space. I, personally, would love to hear your stories. Bottle hunting, collecting and digging has to have more people out there who actually love doing what they do. I don't want to sound...
  13. slugplate

    In The Dump

    Today was a good day considering I had to get through more bricks, spark plugs, engine valves, transmission gears and broken glass to get my paltry finds, but I'll take it any day. I pulled out about a 2 dozen whole bottles... all utility jars and small perfumes except for the two below. A local...
  14. slugplate

    Dig #4

    Pretty good day in the trash pit. Found a Depression Glass candle holder, 1920s or 30s telephone earpiece, crystal stopper, some broken uranium glass and 2 1920s crown tops (local brands).
  15. slugplate

    Trash Dump Dig #3

    Spent 3 hours today digging today and I'm shot. Not in the photos was an enormous amount of car parts, metal, cement and bricks. Tough dig, but fun. The pics in order, a 3 gallon crock, broken up chamber pot, 1926 NJ license plates, and a milk glass trumpet... what it held is anyone's guess. The...
  16. slugplate


  17. slugplate

    Trash Dump Dig #2

    Got in an hour with Gunner before the rains came. Went to my teens - 40s dump and came up with a blue painted #3 gallon crock and a blue decorated chamber pot - 1800s stoneware! Both were broken, but I started collecting the pieces because they were larger breaks that can be repaired. Yeehaw...
  18. slugplate

    Heinz Bottle

    I discovered a bottle exactly like this one and left it where I found it. Should I have gathered it up?
  19. slugplate

    1/2 Pint Milk And A 7oz ?

    I neglected to post these yesterday from my dump finds. I found them in my backpack this morning, I apologize. I found a 7oz ACL dairy that I don't what it contained, milk, cream, cottage cheese, etc. I'd say it is late 50s early 60s. As you see in the photo, it has a small remnant of the ACL...
  20. slugplate

    1st Dig Of 2020

    Dug a trash pit today and came up with a few pre-pro crown top beers and a local Art Deco soda. The last photo was a real crier.

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