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    unusual base?

    I have come across this base before, but don't know how the item was produced. It doesn't look like a pontil, it seems to be kind of swirled. This happens to be the base of a decanter. Any insight? The items maybe from the 1920's
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    Unusual Peptenzyme

    Still digging in the 1920's dump & came across this cobalt Peptenzyme. Not that unusual except for the mold marks on the sides. This is a BIM, so would the marks on the sides be from a snap case, or are they part of the mold wall?
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    Heinz pepper sauce 140

    I've been digging a 1920's local dump and have come across a new-to-me heinz bottle. Base #140 is listed as an 8 oz Pepper Sauce, made between 1910 - 1934. BIM 1910 to 1912, then ABM after 1912. This one is early ABM. Does anyone out there have a pic of one with the label? I can't find one...
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    PEPSI:cola embossed from Greensboro, N.C.

    Can anyone give some history on this bottle? I picked it up this weekend at a flea market in Louisville. It is ABM. Only thing on the bottom is a B at 12:00 & a 1 at 6:00. The prices on e-bay are all over the place & I can't tell if location or condition affect the price the most. Are...
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    Patent medicines alive & well

    When I read this package, I thought of claims by the cures. Some things never change, they just figure out how to get around the labeling laws.Ingredients are mostly caffeine & B vitamins.
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    Louisville Coffin flask HD Block

    Spent a few minutes today in a local antique mall. Found this beauty. HD Block was a retailer at 245 Jefferson from 1888 to 1909. That's all I can find on him.
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    Montana Pharmacy

    Its surprising what shows up sometimes. Found this in a Mississippi antique mall. Can only find one reference, dated 1918.
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    Fantasy sign or real brands?

    This sign was seen in a Cracker Barrel in Tennessee. I know there was an independent bottler in Murray, KY in the 40's & 50's that bottled several different off brands, like Suncrest, Pepsol & Pop-Kola. I can't find any brands that would have 'RS' or 'Miami' on the caps. Are these real...
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    First dose cup

    While browsing thru an antique mall, I found my first dose cup. G.W. Polston, Druggist, 1301 N Broadway, St Louis. the only references I can find for Mr. Polston are a robbery at his store and then a fire in the same year, 1900. He died soon after the fire & his widow had to sue a drug...
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    free blown handled whiskey

    Here's the other unknown from the auction. At first glance, I thought early 1800's, but now I'm second guessing myself.Free blown, no pontil, applied band top, solid handle. Color is red-amber.
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    fleur de lis whiskey / olive oil?

    Can anyone provide info about this bottle? Turned top, four piece mold, smooth base with '845' on it. Space for two labels on the front. Fleur de Lis cover the rest of the bottle. I'm guessing 1890-1915. It doesn't seem to be big enough for a back bar bottle. I went to a local auction & got...
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    Great Western Glass Works research

    Great Western Glass Works flaskOne of my favorite aspects of collecting old glass is doing the research on a piece to find its history. Occasionally I will come across an item that, at first appearance, seems to be nothing special, but when I start looking for its origins, I’m led to all sorts...
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    equipment list for dump digging?

    I have a chance to poke around in a local area originally settled in the early 1800's. I've got some of the homesites spotted, but they are pretty far off the road. My question to you experienced country dump diggers is what is the minimum equipment to take with me on my first trip into the...
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    Neef's Beer?

    I came across this in a flea market in southern Missouri & have been stumped to find info. It is BIM, early crown top, blank on the bottom. the only info I can find is on the Neef Brothers Brewery in Denver from about the same time period, right after TOC, but all their bottles have complete...
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    Sanitary Farms creamer?

    This was recently sold on E-bay. The seller said it is listed in the 4th edition creamer book as being from Murray, KY. I thought I was familiar with the Dairy companies in Murray, but didn't know this one. Can any milk collectors give me more info? Thanks.If the seller is a member, thanks...
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    1/2 pint clasped hands repro or real?

    I thought this was mis-listed under 'after 1900' on E-bay because it didn't look like any reproduction I had ever seen. When I bid & won, I thought I had gotten a good deal on a GXII-10 or 12. I hadn't paid any attention to the size. When I unpacked it & saw the light green, 1/2 pint size, I...
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    block letter pepsi from Arcadia, Fla

    Can anyone tell me the history or rarity of this bottle? I got it in trade & can't find anything.
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    Labeled meds

    Is there a rule of thumb to use for the value of a label on an embossed BIM? These are all common (around $2 without labels), but I am wondering about how much more they're worth with this much label. Thanks
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    Mexia Texas Soda Water

    An acquaintance found this while walking in the woods. She asked that i helo find some info about it. The only thing I have found so far is that the Mexia Bottling Works started in 1909 or 10. Can any Texas soda collectors give me more info? If I can help her with this one, she will tke me...
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    Clinto Soda, Clinton, KY

    I have posted a pic of a Clinto Soda early ABM on the 'What is it, after 1900' thread. Anyone on this thread have any info on the Clinton Carbonating Co?

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