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    looking for insulators

    hello, those that know me know that i specialize in the CD 104s as well as Brookfield stuff. I do various studies on these pieces trying to figure out timelines of manufacture, mould variations, etc. Right now I am looking for any Brookfield or star units that have sharp drip points. For those...
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    St-Georges, Quebec ACL bottle

    Hello everyone, I came upon this ACL a while ago, I had shown it to another forum member. Both he and I had never seen the bottle before and didn't know much about it. I'm in northern Maine and came upon it here. you can pretty make out the front ACL from the photos but you may not be able to...
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    Looking for insulators

    Hello, I'm re-posting an ad that I had posted some months ago in trying to locate some CD 104s as I am trying to do a study on them, as well as I would also like to see if anyone out there would be interested in any general trading of insulators. Currently a couple of other side studies that...
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    WANTED: insulators

    Hello to everyone,....I'm Eric from up in northern Maine and I collect insulators, I specialize in the CD 104s. If you are unfamiliar with this style here are a couple of photos to help identify them. they are a baby-beehive shape. I'm doing a study on the 104s so regular aqua and even damaged...
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    New Hampshire Piccalilli bottle

    Hello to everyone, Can anyone use this Mrs. J.S Burbank's PICCALILLI bottle from SO. HOOKSET, N.H......if so maybe we can work something out.......bottle measures about 7 5/8" X 3 7/8" thanks alot, Eric
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    what did this bottle contain?

    Hello to everyone, I had a question about this bottle. hopefully the photos are clear enough for you to see. This small bottle which is 3 7/8"(H) X 1 1/2"(W) X 1"(D) depicts what looks like a bust of one of the forefathers or a Quaker. Above that there is the word "TRADE" and below is...
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    Was this a veterinary bottle?

    Hello everyone, I was just curious about a couple of things on this bottle that I dug up some time ago. It measures apx. 2 3/4" (H) X 1"(W) X 3/4" (D). With it having this image of what looks like a dog, as well as having measuring lines on the back would that indicate that this was a...
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    Vick's nose drop bottle question

    Hello, Does anyone know if the amber colored Vick's nose drop bottles were just as common or not quite as common as their signature blue ones were? I wouldn't expect a ratio, but it seems to me every time that I am digging, I must find way more blue ones before coming upon a brown one. Just...
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    Early Diet Crush ACL bottle for sale.

    I have some of these early 10 oz Diet Crush ACL bottles for sale if anyone is interested. $25 each. Thanks. They are from Great Works, ME
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    Diet Orange Crush bottle

    I have a few of these 10oz Diet Orange Crush bottles. They are bottled from Great Works, Maine. They are in excellent condition. I would like $25 each plus add postage Thanks.

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