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    Hard, Putty-like Material Inside A Bottle

    Acidic toilet bowl cleaner. Zep i get at homedepot. Cleans some haze and most scum some rust too.
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    How to Frankenstein bottles?

    Too much work. You could use a wet saw(tilesaw). Needs a continuous rim blade. Wet sand any chips to clean up edges. Use epoxy to reassemble. Cleans up with alcohol.
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    Bottle Repair

    Opticon optical glass repair.
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    Is this a normal 1943 Coca Cola bottle color? Or repro?

    I guess i don't need to post my picture now. Nice colection of clear cokes. I don't like litter but i sure am glad for the ones i find. Love hate relationship.
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    Identify pepsi bottle.

    I got it off of poshmark for $33 the one place rufkahrs has one he claims it is value at $800
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    Identify pepsi bottle.

    Go from chrome with the address provided. It works from there. I can't seem to bring you to the link. Sorry all.
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    Identify pepsi bottle.

    I dont know why this is not working i can get to the sight from chrome. Try this. Https://www.rufkahrs.com/antique/company.html
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    Identify pepsi bottle.

    Here is the actual link. WWW.RUFKAHRS.COM/ANTIQUE/COMPANY.HTML
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    Identify pepsi bottle.

    I finally found this bottle. This was the only sight that has any info on it. WWW.RUFKAHRS.COM. I was looking at escambia pepsi:cola hutchinson when l looked at this bottle in this one picture. Scroll down the page. Under the picture of pepsi cola straws in a box. It is my bottle. I think his...
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    Very First Bottle Find

    Thats how you get hooked with a find like that. Easy as that. Its kind of a curse. Always looking for bottles. Everywhere i go.
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    Is this a normal 1943 Coca Cola bottle color? Or repro?

    I have a 1944 dug up from normandy and because of the need for copper during the war.(copper is used to make glass green) banned during the war. My bottle is clear. Has no city. Filled by mobile bottling trailers that could move with the war front. I will dig it out and send in a picture for you.
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    what is it?

    Cool. I am stumped as to what it is. Trap is the most logical answer i have heard. Thanks for for all and any ideas.
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    Identify pepsi bottle.

    There ate no numbers anywhere on the bottle.
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    Help need any and all info on bottle tumbelers !!!

    Harbor freight has a 6lb tumbler that is long enough to tumble a bottle. I think it runs about $54. Cut a 4" tube to length and seal. Cheap to make.
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    1937 C.C. Soda Bottle

    I think.
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    1937 C.C. Soda Bottle

    Cocacola soda. Any flavors other than cola was block lettering. The real thing was always script.
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    Rare full soda bottle

    Best part of it is i payed less than $20.
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    Rare full soda bottle

    Aspinock rootbeer i just got. It is full.
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    55 Different Mr. PiBB Bottles! Can I get #56?

    here is a few from the top of a chest. I also have two boxes full that i obtained of his site.
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    55 Different Mr. PiBB Bottles! Can I get #56?

    He will combine shipping so it helps to get a few at a time.

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