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  1. Screwtop

    What is it.

    North Georgia is THE place to detect. If you ever have questions about your finds, I may be able to help.
  2. Screwtop

    Sauce bottle?

    It looks like it might have been a Ketchup bottle.
  3. Screwtop

    LARGE amount of bottles, need to go

    I'd say take a picture of some representative bottles, post them in the for sale section on this forum, and somebody will take them. I know a few folks on here who like that kind of stuff.
  4. Screwtop

    What is it.

    Pictures would help. From the sounds of it though, it is not worth anything, especially on the American market. I see you're from Chickamuaga, you might want to try Civil War relic hunting instead.
  5. Screwtop

    Hard, Putty-like Material Inside A Bottle

    Did somebody say... CIVIL WAR!? Behold, that is my expertise, my friend! First, I'd try a mixture of salt, and Ox-clean, followed by sand, salt and Dawn dish soap. That should take care of it. If it's really bad, soak it overnight in Vinegar or Nail polish remover before the previously...
  6. Screwtop

    I found this about a foot under ground in the hills by hursts castle.

    Not valuable at all. 60's or 70's. Very common to find bottles like that.
  7. Screwtop

    Is this a normal 1943 Coca Cola bottle color? Or repro?

    I picked up a heartbreaker ice blue Coca Cola bottle once, shattered to bits. They come in a few different shades. I have one from McAllen Texas that's a lighter color green than my darker color green bottle from Washington PA.
  8. Screwtop

    Two bottles I am unsure about?

    This bottle is a Blue Lick mineral water bottle, from Maysville Kentucky. The smaller versions of this bottle have a more pronounced blob top them. What is the color of your bottle in the sunlight? It looks like a Blue Lick bottle, but the color is slightly off from what I see.
  9. Screwtop

    It Comes With The Territory

    My grandfather would be running past you to get to the round. He loved WWII stuff.
  10. Screwtop

    antique warner's safe kidney & liver cure bottle that needs value

    https://warnerssafeblog.wordpress.com/ A crap-ton of info can be found on this site.
  11. Screwtop

    Ultra rare Coke for sale

    Yeah, I'm lost on that. I took it down temporarily, but will re-list it next month.
  12. Screwtop

    Highlighted embossing makes for easy reading

    I have no experience with ACL bottles.
  13. Screwtop

    Ultra rare Coke for sale

    Already I have 8 watchers on it. They were waiting for me to budge, and lower the price. I did, by five cents.
  14. Screwtop

    Highlighted embossing makes for easy reading

    The AB was a little difficult, but other than that, they're no problem. I found that the simple block letters on most of them were quite easy to do. The Coca Cola script wasn't so bad either.
  15. Screwtop

    Highlighted embossing makes for easy reading

    I hate when they do that. It looks so un-natural, and it's deceptive. I found some nice Coca Cola knockoffs today on ebay, but I wouldn't buy them because they were irridated purple. How do they do that anyway?
  16. Screwtop

    Highlighted embossing makes for easy reading

    If it makes a mark, they'll use it on a freight car. Every train I photograph has graffiti on it.
  17. Screwtop

    TB and silverware you find in dumps

    That makes sense, in some areas. I just can't see losing a piece of silverware that way, but then again, I'm OCD and don't miss much, lol!
  18. Screwtop

    Ultra rare Coke for sale

    18 watchers, three hours left. Nail biter.
  19. Screwtop

    TB and silverware you find in dumps

    Ever wonder why we sometimes find sterling silver spoons, or similar utensils in trash pits and dumps? A good theory is the Tuberculosis epidemic of the late 19th century, early 20th. People were so scared of TB, they just threw everything out belonging to the person who was infected. Houses...
  20. Screwtop

    Highlighted embossing makes for easy reading

    Some bottle purists might cringe, but I personally makes them stand out better, and is therefore more enjoyable to view. I won't do this to all of my bottles, but for those amber SS Cokes, it's a big improvement. I used an artists paint marker, witch comes off with nail polish remover easily.

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