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    Sailors Snug Harbor

    These are 3 shards of bowls from SSH 2 of which I found on the property as construction work opened up holes. The oldest Logo is the red one from 1880-90 ,left one is from 1910-1930ish, right 1950ish. SSH was founded in 1833 as a home for "decrypted and worn out sailors", by Cpt. Robert...
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    Quart blob Beer

    H. Knobloch & Bro. 313 E. 83rd St. N Y Quart Beer with a Pictorial on the back . Shows 2 guys drinking and getting Hammered. Strange neck design has a glass ring under the Blob top. I've never seen this before.
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    Common bottle X on base

    Dr. J. W. Bulls Cough Syrup in citron . What is the X base and is this color rare ? I 've see some crazy prices posted for common citron colored bottles ie. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Root.
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    clay pipes

    Various clay pipes found over the years . Lower right is hand holding bowl. Top center Ornate bowl with detachable stem. Only dug one intact over the years ,only to break it myself. Another l was a full face bowl lost when the hole I was digging caved in.
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    California Beer or Whiskey?

    Western Bottling Co. San Francisco Ca. D&K in shield . Dug this tall 12 inch high Amber but don't know if it's a Beer or Whiskey? 4 piece mold applied lip. Long trip from Ca. to Long Island Sound. Did it arrive by train or around Cape Horn by boat?
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    Mostly bennies and some clay

    These all came from the same area NYC used to dump from 1870- 1910. To complete the picture of how they got there, I included pics of an Old New York sanitation workers , taken by Alice Austen [1866-1952] Think I see some marbles in front of that broom.
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    Help Identify

    What was this used for ? 8 1/2 inches X 1 inch paste mold slightly flared lip. Found in 1880- 1900 dump sight. First thought was olive oil. ????
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    Local Hutch's

    Some local Staten Island Hutch's and one from NYC . Excelsior Spring Bottling Works , A Clarius , Prince Bay [ Amethyst] , H. Schuhmacher [1889] high lace boot on bottom and American Bottling Co Stein bottom. Amethyst one was not enhanced. I found it on the surface by the water. Wonder if...
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    Before Lowenbrau was imported.

    I dug this German Beer in a 1890's era dump used by a local tavern. Bottle shaped like a potato masher and the porcelain stopper is a flip up . Original metal closure wire was long gone. Behrmann & von Spreckelsen Hamburg. Logo is a seven pointed star with a Crown. BIM applied lip whittled...
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    Case Gin Repair

    I'm not sure if this can be done ,but I would like to repair this Case Gin. I think it is rather old being footed and having a polished pontil. I would apricate any leads to someone with the expertise to fix this. Thanks
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    Internal Screw Cap

    Clear glass bottle with an internal screw porcelain top and rubber gasket. Label Antidote says it all except "PRAY"
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    Pontiled Vase

    The glass on this vase is paper thin. It's been in my wife's family since the 1880's. I'm just amazed that it has survived.
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    Rochester Mug

    What a suprise find when this came out of the mud. Other than a few cracks and a chipped lip not a bad find. Cobalt slip really held up.
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    Foreign or Domestic?

    Here is a paste mold ,green beer bottle,with an applied lip. The glass is etched with a design of wheat or barley and hops. The bottom has a kick up base. Would anyone know if this is a foreign or domestic beer ?
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    Keene Bottle Show

    Yankee Bottle Club is sponsoring the Keene NH Bottle Show on 10/13/19. Beautiful Fall Colors and great bottles. To those who might be going please take some photos and post them. I picked up this Dr. Pinkhams there 40+ years ago.
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    Pair of NY Tenpins

    Two Tenpin blob sodas, Carl H Schulitz 1868 was Central Park Mineral Springs C-P M-S with embossing of Central Park Pavilion . Anybody know anything about Rayner's Specialties from New York Bottling Co.
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    Red Star Line

    I dug this coffee/tea cup ,in a ravine that was used as a dump site in the late 1800's. Red Star Line ran from Antwerp Belgium to NYC and Philly from 1871-1934. They moved over 2 Million migrants from Europe to America over that period of time. The manufactures mark would indicate the cup was...
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    Staten Island Brewery

    Behind the former site of the George Bechtel Brewery, there were ruins of houses and out buildings dating back to the mid 1800's to the early 1900's. I was checking out the area ,when I found a collapsed greenhouse buried under a pile of ivy. Mixed in with the rotting wood and panes of broken...
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    Scary....What is It

    With Halloween coming, I though this might be of interest. My brother and I dug this up while digging for bottles about 40 years ago. Creepy face on one side and a heart on the other. We sent pics to the different museums and Historical Societies in our area. We even sent it to the National...
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    Maine Apothecary

    I purchased this in Maine about 40 years ago. Corn flower blue ,3 piece mold bottle with paper lead acetate label. The lip is a very crude strip of glass. The bottom has a stone or sand inclusion. Is this a sand pontil. Any guess as to the age ?Thanks , Any help appreciated

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