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    A Golden Guide Hallucinogenic Plants

    I've actually had this hardcover book for years but only recently found out it was worth anything, I got it about 10 years ago in middle school when the library would permanently pull books and let students have them. I love mushrooms and took it and continued to keep it solely because of the...
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    Organizing a Bottle Log

    I've been trying to figure out a system that will let me log what bottles I have. Including keeping their worth semi up to date, as well as their year manufacturer, color, defects, what I paid and where I found/bought them. I used a notebook at first, which...was okay but editing it was a...
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    Green bottle - Free blown?

    I bought this at a flea market today. What minor knowledge I do have of bottles points to really old, but I'm not certain. It measures about 5 1/2 inches tall, the glass is pretty uneven in spots, The bottom has a scar on it, and the lip is maybe sheared or fire finished, it has these...
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    Louis Kish bottle?

    My boyfriend found this bottle digging by a stone row on his farm. It says "Registered" at the top, "Contents 8fl Oz" at the bottom. "Louis Kish, Phillipsburg N.J." In and oval-esque shape with an over lapping LK in the center. There is also a "184" on the back near the base. My guess is it's...
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    Rainbow sheen?

    I got an Atlanta Consolidated Bottling Co hutchinson bottle at a flea market this weekend after giving it a bath in regular water i noticed it has a iridescent rainbow film to it in spots - regular dishsoap didn't seem to help any - What causes that? And does anyone know how to get rid of it...
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    Leather bound bottle

    I bought this at a yardsale today, The woman said it used to be her mother's, It's a green glass bottle bound in what I'm pretty sure is leather - the cork is wood and not glass. There's no apparent markings besides the design, the leather stretches across the bottom so I can't view any...
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    H2SO4 Bottle and EXAX Beaker

    The Sulphuric acid bottle I bought at a flea market No obvious seam and there's some air pockets in the glass and the lips uneven, i don't know if this makes it pre-1900 or just crappy craftmans ship, the glass is etched with the words "Sulphuric Acid / Conc. C.P. / H2SO4"...
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    I know what it is, but I need more help

    I bought this at a yard sale today, clearly it's labeled as to what it is but, I can't find any information on it on the web as far as what year it's from, the manufacturer, it's value, nothing. Please help me if you know anything. Thanks My file is too large to embed so here's a link...

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