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  1. Soda

    Vernor's ginger ale collection for sale. Bottles, cans and advertising about 300 items

    Do you have any unopened vernors bottles from pre 1950?
  2. Soda

    Wanna trade?

    Have any full bottles from pre 1940 (preferably pre 1930)? I have a full 6 case of dublin dr peppers (1990s), pepsi unopened (1937), empty sealed coca cola error can (1982). I have more. Most is after 1950 though.
  3. Soda

    Full 1915-1923 Chero Cola bottle from eBay!

    Thanks for the heads up! Thankfully there are refunds on it so I didn't lose any money either. I plan to open it up and see what they filled it with.
  4. Soda

    Full 1915-1923 Chero Cola bottle from eBay!

    Yes, but I bought it from someone who didn't sell any other bottles and I only paid $30 for it. If they were knowingly scamming, I'd feel like they would charge way higher for it. Also, I have a cork sealed bottle from around the same time with the paper seal unbroken and original contents still...
  5. Soda

    Full 1915-1923 Chero Cola bottle from eBay!

    Yeah shipping has gotten insane. It's almost as if you have to pay double the actual price of the bottle.
  6. Soda

    Full 1915-1923 Chero Cola bottle from eBay!

    I paid only 20 dollars for it. I myself couldnt believe the price, especially for a full example of its age (it did come from a non collector, which definitely had something to do with it ;D). It is however missing the label, which I'm buying soon. If anyone knows how to apply the labels to the...
  7. Soda

    Rare 1975 64 ounce Coca Cola Bottle

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/FULL-64oz-COCA-COLA-FOAM-LABEL-SODA-BOTTLE/113991039873?hash=item1a8a653b81%3Ag%3ANKkAAOSwfV9dzMJY&LH_BIN=1 Figured you might wanna see this.
  8. Soda

    1953 Nehi Bottle *Near mint!*

    I usually only buy them when they are full. I believe the extra premium is worth paying. The only exceptions where I'll buy empty bottles is if there are no unopened examples in existence (majority of pre 1900s bottles), and if they are in mint condition.
  9. Soda

    Druid Oil (misspelled OLL), is it rare?

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Druid-Oil-Rheumatism-Bottle-Baltimore-MD-50-Embossed-Price-Early-1900s-/113708069988?_ul=BR#vi__app-cvip-panel The page priced it at 20 dollars and dated it to around 1900.
  10. Soda

    1953 Nehi Bottle *Near mint!*

    Found for $10 dollars at an antique shop in Texarkana, TX!
  11. Soda

    How to Frankenstein bottles?

    It would be very noticeable if you tried and would probably reduce their existing value drastically.
  12. Soda

    Reefer's Green Mountain Anti Trust Distillery

    Doesnt contribute to the thread but: >reefer >green mountain It doesn't get much better than this ;)
  13. Soda

    3 rivers embossed stars juice bottle

    If you're phone posting, use the desktop version of the page. The icon is the tree with a box around it. That should allow you to upload it.
  14. Soda

    1937 bottle o' Pepsi-Cola!

    Purchased on ebay for $50. Bottled in Durham, N.C.
  15. Soda

    Any ideas of rareity or value on the JT reed bottle in video?

    https://books.google.com/books?id=juxNAAAAMAAJ&pg=PA185&lpg=PA185&dq=JT+reed+%26+co+boston&source=bl&ots=bPPVeJbc86&sig=ACfU3U2BQxT_Ls2bimtqlCexVFMZf5_NdQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwik4MHT05vmAhUIVa0KHVO-CAgQ6AEwAXoECAgQAQ#v=onepage&q=JT%20reed%20%26%20co%20boston&f=false this monster of a link...
  16. Soda

    Excellent ebay find!

    I found out the flavor (cherry) and more info about this soda and its previous bottle's designs. "Clark's California Cherry Cordial" bottles have a near exact same logo (rhombus with popping out letters at center) and both were produced by Lash's Bitters.
  17. Soda

    Excellent ebay find!

    *first post :D* On ebay, I found this bottle of Clark's Cordial. Apparently Clark's Cordial was a brand of the Lash's Bitters Company, but unfortunately this is about all I know about Clark's (The label doesnt specify ingredients, but it does say it was non alcoholic). The bottle was produced...

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