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    Second poison bottle...embossed rat on front

    Oh! That is quite neat. Much better find than a bottle I once bought only to discover there was a skeletal mouse at the bottom.
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    A Golden Guide Hallucinogenic Plants

    I've actually had this hardcover book for years but only recently found out it was worth anything, I got it about 10 years ago in middle school when the library would permanently pull books and let students have them. I love mushrooms and took it and continued to keep it solely because of the...
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    Organizing a Bottle Log

    Google spread sheet is basically excel but google's version of it - which works, but not quite how I'd like to. I'm considering maybe just using a photo/scrapbook to keep a better log.
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    I am a younger person, I am only 23 - I've been collecting bottles since I was 15 - give or take. While girls my age were going to the mall to get those "totally cool" jeans, I was at flea markets and yard sales with my parents. My collection started out as 8 or 9 bottles that sat on my...
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    Organizing a Bottle Log

    I've been trying to figure out a system that will let me log what bottles I have. Including keeping their worth semi up to date, as well as their year manufacturer, color, defects, what I paid and where I found/bought them. I used a notebook at first, which...was okay but editing it was a...
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    Green bottle - Free blown?

    I bought this at a flea market today. What minor knowledge I do have of bottles points to really old, but I'm not certain. It measures about 5 1/2 inches tall, the glass is pretty uneven in spots, The bottom has a scar on it, and the lip is maybe sheared or fire finished, it has these...
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    3 found in pittsburgh, 1 med, 1 milk, 1 soda

    Hi Kranked, photo bucket allows you to resize photos, which is an online photo-album with a few editing options like crop, rotate etc, If you're looking for something with a little extra there's also GIMP, a free program that's similar to software like photoshop or paintshop pro. T in an...
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    Louis Kish bottle?

    This is about the best picture I could get of the two parallel lines.
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    So what gives you the eebie-jeebies?

    I think it's a Book Scorpion apparently they're also called Psuedoscorpians, (how appropriate) They're actually part of the arachnid family, I found one of these while in my senior year of art class in high school and brought it to my science teacher and he identified it. So not only is it...
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    So what gives you the eebie-jeebies?

    I find these in the soil where I have pumpkins planted, Blech!
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    Louis Kish bottle?

    woah interesting find! I totally snubbed my nose when all the genealogy and background reports came into the search results. I never even considered a self-employed bottler. How neat. Camera is on charge, I'll try and get the seams up soon.
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    In Local Wildlife News...

    Beautiful! been hearing coyotes around here as well. however heard This at 3am once, I thought a woman was being stabbed to death in the woods. I didn't fall back asleep for hours...Who knew a fox made such an awful noise.
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    Louis Kish bottle?

    Here's the top and base as well, although there isn't much to look at.
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    Louis Kish bottle?

    My boyfriend found this bottle digging by a stone row on his farm. It says "Registered" at the top, "Contents 8fl Oz" at the bottom. "Louis Kish, Phillipsburg N.J." In and oval-esque shape with an over lapping LK in the center. There is also a "184" on the back near the base. My guess is it's...
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    Rainbow sheen?

    See now TD, I like that that one has an all over iridescence. The bottle I posted is my first hutchinson (squee!) but it's patina is a few scarce splotches so I'd like to see it cleaned. - would sulfuric acid work? I won't be doing it, as I'd likely lose half my flesh. But it is an open option...
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    Rainbow sheen?

    Not much sun today to really see it from a distance, but there's little splashes here and there, the one I pictured to the right is probably the best/worst spot on the bottle.
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    Rainbow sheen?

    Thanks you guys! I wasn't sure about the stopper since I don't see many pictures of them with it still in. Having it tumbled isn't in the financial cards right now so I'll just have to appreciate the rainbow, which isn't much of a challenge.
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    Rainbow sheen?

    I got an Atlanta Consolidated Bottling Co hutchinson bottle at a flea market this weekend after giving it a bath in regular water i noticed it has a iridescent rainbow film to it in spots - regular dishsoap didn't seem to help any - What causes that? And does anyone know how to get rid of it...
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    more fake labels.

    Just this pass weekend there was a vendor at the Jacktown Antique Gas & Steam show here in PA who practically had a whole table full of bottles with fake labels. None of them were nearly as well done as those done by Granny, It looked like they put the same amount of effort into it as I did...
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    Any good finds this weekend?

    I found this plate while cleaning out our old farm shed that used to be my grandparents. I really don't know anything about china or pirkenhammer, the only thing I know about borgfeldt is that it closed in '76 and they imported porcelain. But I figure a few hours on google may fill me in...

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