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  1. anj2006

    pepper sauce repro???

    Not sure who what when or if its a reproduction??? The wife picked it up at a yard sale last year for a dollar! :confused:
  2. anj2006

    thatcher milks

    Did any companys reproduce the thatcher milk??
  3. anj2006


    Anybody interested in a 1961 blenko repro? Its a 1770 black glass glob seal jn greenhow wms burg. Perfect condition. Very dark olive green!!. Whittle marks on entire body, open pontil. If you were not aware of reproductions you would think this was real... thanks for looking,,, ditch.
  4. anj2006

    what is this insulator???

    Do not no a thing about them! Dug it about five years ago, been sitting on my shelf ever since. Actually dont even no why i kept it??? Any info would be appreciated! Thanks,,, ditch.:confused:
  5. anj2006

    two new local meds

    Last night visited the local antique mall seen these two on the shelf! Had to have em!! Four bucks, and from my hometown!!! Sweet!!! :cool:
  6. anj2006

    warners safe rheumatic remedy (who wants this)

    Looking to trade a double i have, interested in inks! Thanks, might be interested in other stuff if its interesting.:flag:
  7. anj2006


    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY, hope you all have a good one!!!!!!:flag:
  8. anj2006

    tumbler wanted

    Interested in buying a tumbler for my bottles! Anyone have some direction. Or plans so i could build my own. :flag:
  9. anj2006

    leather bound pocket flask

    Check this thing out! Picked it up at a yard sale last summer for 50 cents, probably from the 20's or 30's???? Anyone seen anything like this before? Any info would be nice.:D
  10. anj2006

    whats this early crown

    Bottom has c.b.co, double stamped in two directions. Very crude, protruding mold seams that end an inch below the crown. :deadhorse:
  11. anj2006

    santa clause

    Found this doing the garden last year. Any info on it would be great. It seams to be made of porcelain it has two sides one side the face is blue. Held to the light it is very transparent. It probably had a hat but not sure. Any info on it??? Thanks. Ditch
  12. anj2006

    blue/green l.deegan blob ( info please).

    Found this in a late 1800's house demo. It was in the stone foundation. I cant find any info on it or the name???? A friend said its from pottsville pa and is pretty rare? Have a f. Deegan in aqua but no info on this?? Smooth bottom.
  13. anj2006

    seeking inks

    Interested in all inks . Buy, trade? Thanks. Jim

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