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    Success To The Railroad "Historical Flask" currently on eBay

    Hi team, I am no expert but I do own two Success To The Railroad flasks and another dozen have gone thru my hands. Including one of these reproductions: eBay item # 273693606548 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Historical-Flasks/273693606548?hash=item3fb9690294:g:zP8AAOSwBPxcXjbT The best way to...
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    Search "Figured Flask" at The Metropolitan Museum website

    Search "Figured Flask" at The Metropolitan Museum of Art website (www.metmuseum.org) and you get 17 sweet historical flasks. Does anyone have a picture of the actual Met Fifth Avenue Gallery 706 display that shows these flasks?
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    BLUE Toilet Waters, Colognes, Scents, Pungents and Perfume Bottles

    I finally got around to taking some pictures. Here is a collection of 19th Century Toilet Waters, Colognes, Scents, Pungents and Perfume Bottles in BLUE. These are from my partners collection. Enjoy...
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    Stoddard Double Eagle Display

    I finally got around to taking some pictures. Here is a wonderful mid-19th century Stoddard glass lot, complete with 3 GREAT flasks and 1 MINT utility bottle, and the corresponding shard/relics that were excavated from the Granite Glass Company in Mill Village, Stoddard New Hampshire. This...
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    Pittsburgh Clasp Hands / Union Flasks

    I finally got around to taking some pictures. Here we have: GXII-13 Quart GXII-19 Pint GXII-31 Half Pint Enjoy...
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    Current Townsends Reproductions

    Here is page 69 out of the latest 2018 Townsends catalog #38. They sell 18th century reproduction clothing and accessories.
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    Real or Fake GIX-40 Scroll Flask ? Post #2

    I couldn't figure out how to get pictures in the correct order. Then once posted I couldn't figure out how to add pictures. program sucks. So here are the color comparison pictures for previous post. Thanks, Mayhem
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    Real or Fake GIX-40 Scroll Flask?

    I currently have this littlebottle in my possession.Perhaps you saw it on eBay recently. I’ve only beenlooking at old glassperhaps 10 years so many of you are more experienced. Ilove a mystery and would love your opinion so let’sgo… References: 1) McKearin / Wilson page 390 and a joining plate...
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    Remarkable USS Constitution Lacey Glass Tray

    WOW! Collecting antiques in Southern California is both frustrating and rewarding. Frustrating in that very few real true antiques find their way out here. Rewarding in that the few antiques that do the owners don't know what they have. Here is an example I paid $5 for. I recognized it as...
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    Historic Jamestown Reproductions

    Here is a collection of flasks hand blown at Historic Jamestown Virginia. The smaller 5 inch tall flasks are easy to identify by the embossing on the bottom. The larger 9 inch flasks have a applied "J" and two stars.
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    Pics of a square agua CW Merchant Lockport New York with an open pontil & applied top

    As promised here it is. Just back from an internal tumble. Note the little star on the back. What do you think?
  12. M

    A square agua C.W Merchant Lockport New York with an open pontil and applied top

    At the LA Bottle Show I obtained a square aqua C.W Merchant Lockport New York with an open pontil and applied top. It is smaller than the teal and doesn't have the beveled edges. It had some minor interior haze so it is currently out for an interior tumble so sorry no pictures. Has anyone seen...
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    Amber Smelling / Perfume / Pungent Bottles

    My lady friend collects colognes, perfumes and the like. A year or so ago she acquired the little gem on the right. Gardner collection #636 as pictured in American Bottles and Flasks on page 391 top row #4. Interestingly, though not pictured in the book, it came with the stopper you see...
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    Stoddard Demijohn?

    Is this a Stoddard or early New England Demijohn? If so, value? If not, any ideas on origin? Your opinion is greatly appreciated. Mayhem
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    Very Rare Fredericksburg Lager Mini Beer Bottle with Label

    Hi Antique Bottle Collectors, I know where I can purchase a bottle just like this one. The seller wants $500. If anyone is interested I can contact the seller and take detailed pictures of the actual bottle. Mayhem
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    Royall Bay Rhum, Yetters & Moore, Fellows Med

    I bought six filthy boxes of old flasks, bottles, milks, inks, insulators, etc. for $20 a few weeks back. The first item I pulled out was a stoneware crock that I sold for $56. Earlier I posted a green whiskey that a member identified as an Irish or Scottish whiskey from circa 1900. I then...
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    Glass Barrel & Flask

    I bought another collection of old bottles, jars, milks and inks for dirt cheap. In the collection were these two which I can't find any info on or an image of anywhere on the net. The flask bottom has a large circular sharp edge and a screw aluminun/tin/zinc (?) top. The glass barrel has two...
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    What is it? Any Value?

    I pulled this out of the six boxes of bottles I bought for $20. My girlfriend likes the pretty swirls and flowers. What is it? Does it have any value?
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    Green Whiskey

    I bought 6 boxes of old "bottles" for $20 from an old smelly guy who said his family had collected them when he was a kid in Iowa. The boxes were buried in the back of an old storage unit with no lights. All I could see at the time of purchase was a crock and a round bottom blob top (ships)...
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    Hawkeye Trademark Bottle?

    Odd shape and the same/similar screw top as previous posting. Says: "Hawkeye Trademark Burlington.I.A. & Kansas City. Kas." What was in this bottle? Worth anything?

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