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  1. Aaronbottleman

    Big frosty bottle from Wallace nc

    Can y'all tell me about this bottle . Thanks Aaron
  2. Aaronbottleman

    My Great grandmothers bottle

    This isn't the best and I wish the label was whole but I was givin this by my family it has part of my grandmothers name and the town Fremont Nc still intact . That makes it my prized possession. Aaron.
  3. Aaronbottleman

    Old Dr office find ?

    Found this small bottle today at a really old dr office in my town . It's about 1-1/2 inches tall has two inverted sides and a flat side , this dr office is the first and only dr office we have ever had dr Irvin came here in the 1800s sometime and when he died his wife moved and left everything...
  4. Aaronbottleman

    What's your favorite bottle from pre 1900 look like ?

    Post a picture with the description of the bottle , I'm intrested in seeing your favorite bottle and learning about them , Thanks . Aaron .
  5. Aaronbottleman

    What kind of bottle is this

    Found this bottle today, I just haven't seen one befor I fee like its a beer bottle but I'm not sure . The bottom has RUCUS PATOFF with N 22 above it . Thanks , Aaron
  6. Aaronbottleman

    Few of my favorite cokes

    Here's a couple my favorite coke bottles . What kind of shape do y'all thank they are in ? , Thanks Aaron .
  7. Aaronbottleman

    First post! Pepsi bottle

    Question I can't seem to find this Pepsi bottle online is it special ? Can you tel me somethings about it . I put the Dr Pepper besides it for size comparison, Thanks this is my first post here I have a lot to share with you all . Aaron

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