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    Paul Jones and Co Four Roses bottle

    Sand and barkeeper's friend soap and bit of water ,pour in hole with funnel , cover hole with thumb , shake vigourusly. Copper bits instead of sand works better
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    Beautiful Snap top INK bottle

    Also heard them called pen rest inks. The pen rests In the groove when not in use. ☺
  3. D


    Nice work finding that ! Thanks
  4. D

    Whats up old guys???

    Old guy checking in, still around . Not many places to dig anymore in my area . Good to see some other old guys checking in!☺
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    Hey guys started to get the addiction itch for these bottles.

    Looks like Citrate of magnesia bottle,have two with same type top
  6. D

    Beer bottle.

    Wiedemann can and logo
  7. D

    Beer bottle.

  8. D

    Beer bottle.

    Your welcome. Misspelled it sorry it is Wiedemann. Think they were still In business until about 20 years ago
  9. D

    Beer bottle.

    Weideman brewing company ?
  10. D

    The future of bottle colllecting?

    Good point. Seems high end stuff still selling , local stuff if not common to local collectors as well. Not many young collectors for sure. This used to be a busy site ☺
  11. D

    Indigo in a Bottle?

    Dried model paint maybe ?
  12. D

    Blob beer dates

    Ok thanks, will probably see you then! Nice sale ad!
  13. D

    Historical Flask? Reproduction?

    Hound and Hunter ?
  14. D

    Blob beer dates

    Hi Kathi, about 60 miles south of Erie,work up there though. Lot of the old timers are no longer on here much, I look at posts when I can,but not really up to date on prices. Mostly collect what I dig,although if I am working when you have sale might stop by to see what you have.Inks ,poisons ...
  15. D

    Decorated Clay Pipe Bowls

    Nhpharm you find some great pipes! The green face looks like this one I found,mine is not pipe but has hole In bottom, possibly topper for something. RelicRaker you found a great one too!
  16. D

    Decorated Clay Pipe Bowls

    Few I have . Most I find are plain ,these are ones that are decorated. Old thread but interesting .:)
  17. D

    Lightning rod globe

    Thanks Jim , the wife put ours in living room too. Probably more of these inside houses than on roofs.Saw a white one and lighter blue one on eBay. Rick
  18. D

    Lightning rod globe

    Thx,pic of it all together
  19. D

    Lightning rod globe

    Probably should have put this in 19 the century section,think it is blown mold 3 pc If moderator can move this please do,thx
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    What's your favorite bottle from pre 1900 look like ?

    Great bottles everyone! Interesting question .! Tough to chose favorite,this is one of mine.Sloans Ointment ,pontiled .Hard to make out embossing in pic , definitely crude,personal find with bunch of heart breakers. Posted quite sometime ago,consensus was different Sloan's than newer one with...

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