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  1. WesternPA-collector

    1937 C.C. Soda Bottle

    A few weeks ago I found this bottle. From the looks of it you can see it's been through a LOT. But these bottles were made of very thick heavy glass. Even with all the fleabites, it doesn't have any cracks or chips at all. Made by Owens-Illinois Plant 9 in Streator, IL in 1937. The city of...
  2. WesternPA-collector

    1972 Anchor Hocking James M. Fordham Employee Retirement Bottle

    Here is my latest in the line of Anchor Hocking commemorative bottles I have bought. This is immediately one of my favorites because of the fine detail and sturdy craftsmanship of this bottle. You can tell the Anchor Hocking Lancaster, Ohio factory knew they were making it for someone important...
  3. WesternPA-collector

    USPS postal fees increase

    A heads up for anyone who buys bottles online or ships them online. USPS Priority Mail rates are going up significantly yet again! Effective January 26, 2020. https://about.usps.com/newsroom/national-releases/2019/1009-usps-announces-new-prices-for-2020.htme.
  4. WesternPA-collector

    1970 Overmyer Mould Company Flask

    Recently I bought this very unique and rare 1970 50th Anniversary Overmyer Mould Company bottle. It was made for them by the Hillsboro Glass Company in Illinois. The factory existed from 1961-1997. They were actually a subsidiary of Hiram Walker & Sons Distilleries and for this reason, most...
  5. WesternPA-collector

    To dig or not to dig?

    There's an area I've known of for a few years that has these depressions in the ground as if someone had been digging down. They don't seem natural. There is an upward hillside to the right and also a downward hillside nearby to the left. The holes in the ground are the in the flat area. I took...
  6. WesternPA-collector

    Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays Anchor Glass Ornaments

    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, and Happy New Year. These bottles were complementary items that Anchor Glass gave to sales representatives during Christmas time. The bulb is from 1982 and the tree is from 1991. They are rather hard to find.
  7. WesternPA-collector

    Rare 1975 64 ounce Coca Cola Bottle

    I just got this today at a great price. It was made by Anchor Hocking in South Connellsville, PA for only a short amount of time because of high cost of production and the weight of the bottle. It is almost three pounds and is 13 inches tall. I wish I could find the cap that goes with it.
  8. WesternPA-collector

    Modified R.C. Cola bottle?

    I came across this ad on Ebay. It looks like this bottle has been modified by some professional. I can't imagine bottles being made by the factory like this unless it was a promo. The seller doesn't really say much about it. What do you all think...
  9. WesternPA-collector

    1971 Anchor Hocking Season's Greetings Bottle

    Another recent flask I've bought. Just in time for Christmas. This was made at the Anchor Hocking plant in Salem New Jersey. A promotional item for First National Bank. It still even has the original cork. Most of the time those get lost.
  10. WesternPA-collector

    The Salem Oak Tree immortalized on this bottle

    Some of you may have heard that the world famous Salem Oak Tree collapsed in 2019 after living for nearly 600 years. It had been around ever since colonial times in New Jersey. I was able to acquire this 1964 New Jersey Tercentenary bottle made by the Anchor Hocking Plant in Salem, N.J. It has a...
  11. WesternPA-collector

    1974 Anchor Hocking Retirement Bottle (43 Years)

    I recently acquired this bottle that was made in 1974 at the Anchor Hocking Lancaster, Ohio plant, given to the late Ralph Newkirk for 43 years of service. It is extremely rare and I cannot find another example of it. Note the 3D look of the bottle and the interesting scene with a man working...
  12. WesternPA-collector

    B&O porcelain Insulator

    I just received this today but don't know a whole lot about the CD# or what company made it. It's the first insulator I have with a railroad actually imprinted onto it. It came from Deer Park, Maryland and was used on a 440 volt power line for the older color position light signals. Has anyone...
  13. WesternPA-collector

    Found a (Howdy) Blue Bird!

    Another bottle in a long line of heart-breakers. I came across this embossed Howdy bottle that had Blue Bird and Cherry Blossom on it. I've never seen one like this before.
  14. WesternPA-collector

    Didn't expect to find this when looking for bottles

    Part of the fun of searching for bottles is sometimes you find something out of the ordinary. I came across this old oil lamp bottle and was surprised it had no damage whatsoever. With that handle it looks like a genie bottle. Can anyone estimate the date of this? Or the approximate value.
  15. WesternPA-collector

    Looking for info on this bottle

    I'm hoping to find out more about this bottle which I believe to be from the 1910-1920 decade because of the shape and it is a cork top with some amethyst tinting. Also the texture on it is something I don't see often. Could it have been a medicine or something else?
  16. WesternPA-collector

    M. Allgeier Sons Brookville, PA Beer Bottle

    Today I happened to get very lucky and I found this M. Allgeier Sons Brookville, PA Beer Bottle at a thrift store for just $2.00. As soon as I saw the bubbles and seams on it I knew I had something really good. Made by Dominick O. Cunningham Glass company and has the number 1055 on the heel...
  17. WesternPA-collector

    The history of soda pop

    I happened to see this article on Collectors Weekly and found it very interesting. I am a member there and hope it's okay to share it here. Should be very helpful to those who are into old soda bottles. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/articles/the-toxic-history-of-soda-pop/
  18. WesternPA-collector

    Too damaged to bring home but worth some photos

    I wanted to show some photos of various bottles I've come across in the past few weeks while out in the woods. They are all either broken or have bad labels but I wanted to document what is out there. For those unaware, I post photos of my good bottles in albums here...
  19. WesternPA-collector

    What is this beautiful glass piece?

    Today while out on a bottle adventure I found something unexpected. Whatever it is I know it has to be good. It was in an area with bottles in the 1900-1950 range, if that helps. Diameter is 2 3/4" at the widest point. To me it looks like a light lens for a vintage car but I could be wrong. What...
  20. WesternPA-collector

    Mexican Coke and Sprite Bottles

    Today at the grocery store I noticed they were selling singles and 4-packs of glass Coke and Sprite bottles. And the wording on them is in Spanish. I wasn't sure what to make of that. I bought a Sprite out of curiosity and went home to find out more info about this online. It turns out the...

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