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    Snuff Bottle

    Two of these were in a crate of mixed bottles that I recently picked up. I don't really feel that they are that old, and very possibly very modern. I'm just curious as to what information someone may have to share about them. Thanks.
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    Bowling Pin Bottle ID

    This spider web design bottle has a smooth, flat, oval on the lower portion of the body which I'm sure once held a label of sorts. On the back of the bottle there is a significant oval shaped flat area that has the web design like the rest of the bottle. The makers mark on the bottom indicates...
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    Aqua Atlas Strog Shoulder Years of Production

    I've searched this site, the Internet, with no joy. I ordered a copy of The Red Book No. 12 today. However, I would like to know the approximate year range for the production of this aqua Atlas Strong Shoulder jar. I'm guessing the 1920's and maybe into the 1930's but would like to narrow it...
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    1930's Pepsi Cola Logo Request

    If someone has a 1930's Pepsi Cola bottle, (same shape as the "wave" bottle), could you please post a close up image of the Pepsi Cola logo that goes around the body of the bottle and one of the logo also embossed on the bottom of the bottle as well? Many thanks!
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    No City / No Date Code on 6 1/2 oz. Clear, Debossed, Dr. Pepper Bottle

    I am trying to determine the approximate year(s) of production of this bottle. The Dr. Pepper is script with a period after Dr / "Good For Life" is block style lettering / The 4 is at the normal 4 location / The face of the 10-2-4 clock is textured. No other markings other than 6 1/2 ozs. areon...
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    Garden Club Botttling Co. Hopewell, VA

    OK, I was born, raised, and my entire work life was, in Hopewell, VA. I just found a green bottle with the following markings: Garden Club Beverages (Both sides @ top) Garden Club Bottling Co. Hopewell, VA (Around Base) Min. Contents 1pt. 8 oz. (Around Base) I can not find any references to...
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    Bottling Co. ID

    I picked up a light green bottle whose only markings are B. B. Co. , 16N, or possibly 15N, and 2 in different places around the very bottom of the base. The body very gently tapers up to the neck. I've searched Google, e-bay, etsy, and a couple other urls but can find no information. I first...
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    Can't remember the correct name

    For the damage done to glass that gives it a cloudy appearance when it has been in the ground for sometime. Can someone please refresh my memory? Many thanks.
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    Any Idea?

    What was originally in this neat looking bottle? Olive oil, extract, some other cooking ingredient? Looks similar to a Christmas tree to me. - Thanks - James
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    Newer or Older?

    Are the Moroline jars with the threaded tops older, or newer, than the ones which have the four raised bumps around the top lip? - Here are a couple newer additions. Nothing uncommon I think. 1) Groves Chill Tonic. 2) Chesebrough Mfg. Co. 3) Moroline 4) Chamberlain (Plain front & back)...
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    William R Warner Bottle

    Does anyone have an idea as to what this bottle originally contained and as to the era of production? - Thanks - James
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    Is there a glossary on the site explaining what the letters associated with bottles and their manufacture mean, (ie) ACL, ABM, etc. I know what these two are but there seem to be many that I do not know their meaning. - Thanks - James
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    Pyramid Beverages, Newport news, VA

    I am seeking information about this company. I have found very little on the Internet. I have one of their neat, deco, looking bottles and would like to know more about the company. Also I am seeking information on Pluto Water - America's Physic bottles as well. Bottle collecting sure can be...
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    Cornflower Blue Color

    I have several Phillips Milk of Magnesia bottles with threaded tops in different sizes from a few ounces to roughly pint size. I noticed that the blue color is considerably lighter than many of the cobalt blue Bromo Seltzer ones in my collection. Would this lighter color be considered to be...
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    Log Cabin Syrup Bottles

    Does anyone have an idea as to the approximate production dates of the tapered, six sided, Log Cabin syrup bottles? They have the Log Cabin name & logo embossed on the bottom of one if the flat sides. Thanks - James
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    3¢ Store Milk Bottles

    I have come acquired several of these 3¢ Store Bottles, both quart and pint, and am interested in exactly how they were used. Thanks for any help anyone could share. James
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    New To Bottle Colleting Question

    What exactly is a pontil bottle? Thanks, James
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    Dating E.A. Bain Budwine Bottles / Petersburg, Virginia

    Is there anyone on the forum that could share any information regarding dating these bottles? I have searched the site and only found one inquiry of them which did not contain any helpful information. Thanks, James
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    Porter's Pain King Bottle

    Does anyone have any idea as to the approximate time that the bottle closer style changed from the cork top to the screw top? Many thanks for any help that someone could share. James
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    Warners Safe Kidney & Liver Cure

    I'm new to bottle collecting and this is my first post on the forums here. I have done a bit of basic research on this bottle but am not able to determine the approximate production era. The top is a rounded blob type and other than the name and Rochester, NY on the front bottom edge; the safe...

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