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    J.H. Tienken Pint Beer

    Looking for info on this one. "J.H. Tienken Wilmington N.C." on front slug plate, "This Bottle Not to be Sold" on back, "C 6" on bottom. Found info on the brewery on line, little known brewery in Wilmington around 1885. Have seen one bottle embossed "J. Haar & Tienken" that looked similar...
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    Aqua Bromo Seltzer Bottle W/ backwards "Z"

    Digging in a Victorian period trash dump many years ago of the many things found were 65 cobalt blue Bromo Seltzer Bottles, all hand blown, and 1 aqua example with a backwards "Z". I know it as an early example of this bottle and have wondered about it's scarcity and value, especially with the...
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    Interesting L.Q.C. Wishart's Pine Tree Tar Cordial

    I have an L.Q.C. Wishart's Pine Tree Tar Cordial that has an interesting double impression of the "1859" date. Has anyone seen this before, and does it do anything for the value? Bottle is far from sparkling mint, but is in good shape. It would be interesting to see it tumbled.
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    Possible Roman Period Bottle?

    Hoping someone out there knows ancient glass. Found in a flea market for 10 bucks, it appears to have hallmarks of Roman bottles I have researched on line, it has a hazy lightly pearlescent patina, applied handles & applied spiral on the neck. Also, a crude open pontil. I'm sure Roman bottles...
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    heavy dark amber rittig & alber beer or ale bottle

    I found a little info on Rittig & Alber Wabash Ind. can't find info on this bottle or any bottle they produced. Bottle is nice, large, squat & heavy w/ unusual lightning style stopper, bold emboss. I will try to attach an image, not computer savvy. If anyone knows about its scarcity or value...

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