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    Old Bottle neck

    Hi, I found this bottle neck While diving last weekend, I know there is not much of it, but can anyone give me some ideas as to the age . It is a green glass . It was found in Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia.. Thanks
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    how to clean stoneware

    I found a piece of pottery while diving last night and it is encrusted with barnacles and other sea stuff,, how would I go about cleaning it. Thanks!!!
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    Some pop bottles I found

    Here are some pop bottles I found while diving in Halifax harbour, Nova Scotia. I don't know much about them, any information would be great!! The close up in picture 8 is pampa cola Thanks
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    Help Identifying a couple of bottles

    I recently found a bottle while diving in Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia. could anyone help to identify it. I am new to bottle collecting. It is olive green and has no markings about 9" tall, it looks like it was blown into a mold with an applied lip. it has what looks like very shallow flats on...

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