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    Witch bottle?

    Pretty interesting story. I have no idea whether the witch bottle narrative is true. But it's a sweet bottle regardless. Enjoy! https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/25/us/witch-bottle-virginia-civil-war-trnd/index.html
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    80's Perfume ?

    Lip says 1880s-1890s to me. But isn't that a pontil scar on the base? As for use, I'd say . . . I really don't know. Most resembles an olive oil, but I've never seen one like that.
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    New Site—Philly, MA, & Import Bottles

    Keep 'em coming! Congrats.
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    Druid Oil (misspelled OLL), is it rare?

    I've seen another version of that bottle with "oll" misspelled as well -an aqua cylinder, if I recall correctly. I've not seen that particular variety. Like RIBottleguy says, love the embossed price!
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    Last Privy Dig of 2019. 1870's.

    Beautiful! A great dig on any day.
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    Honduras Tonic

    Don't know anything about it, but that's a sweet bottle. Congrats on a great pick-up!
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    One Day Haul

    That's pretty amazing. Packing the car now, will be there tomorrow . . .
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    Digging a stone lined privy

    Cant wait to hear details and see what you find!
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    Two New Digging Videos

    Way to go Taylor. Nice stuff. It's been a while. I'm traveling this week but will drop you a text next week. Andy
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    Found these three today while digging a privy.

    Nice finds. I think they're a little earlier than you say - 1895-1900 would be my guess.
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    Horton, Kansas drugstore bottles

    Really nice collection! How do you know those dose glasses exist?
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    Finally found a good Privy.

    Pictures are back, and I'm glad they are! Nice digs.
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    Finally found a good Privy.

    Can't see the pictures, but i wish i could. Any thoughts?
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    Too damaged to bring home but worth some photos

    Hopefully you found some complete ones to help you get over those criers? If so, pictures!
  15. B


    Am I wrong in thinking that I see a pontil mark on the base of that liniment bottle?
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    Advice needed - old well

    Love Huntindog's idea of the wine racks! How cool would that be?
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    Odd bottle I found no clue what it used to hold...any ideas?

    Olive oil. Nice age to it. Hopefully you're finding some other stuff along with it. Good luck!
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    Galveston Dig

    Dang, you're finding some nice stuff. Congratulations!

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