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  1. coldwater diver

    1st good find of the year!

    Never found a bottle with Roman Numerals MDCCCLXX, it translates into 1870. Found diving last week. Very fancy bottle w lots of embossing. It reads "The Great American Genuine Florida Water Prepared By Professor G.J.Byrne New York Patented MDCCCLXX.
  2. coldwater diver

    Belated 2018 Year in Review Dive and Dumb Luck Finds

    I usually get this thread up sooner. Happy New Year to everyone and hope 2019 is full of great discoveries and finds for all my fellow digger divers. 2018 was a year that I had a hip replacement back in March. This slowed me down abit along with work and family. I got back to diving and its been...
  3. coldwater diver

    One Fresh One Salt water Dive

    Managed to get a couple of dives in. Not going to lie, the water is getting cold. It has been raining alot (always better than snow), so most dive opportunity gets ruines due to run off= bad viz underwater. I found a cool car part in fresh water Auto Sands Lightning. Couple of Moxies one w a...
  4. coldwater diver

    First Salt Water Dive in a while 3 Torpedoes

    I have not had the most exciting year scuba diving as work and life seem to have a hold on me. Why couldn't I have won mega millions? I have found some nice shards and checked out areas I always had on my radar and found just enough to want to try them again. This past Sunday I decided to go...
  5. coldwater diver

    Great Shard!

    I was out walking the tidal flats in the rain in NH this past Sunday rather than be warm n comfy inside. I'm usually looking for marbles as they seem to work their way to the surface. I find all sorts of broken shards of ceramics and glass bottles, pipes etc. I have found some nice whole ones...
  6. coldwater diver

    Whats A Super Bowl Ring Dad?

  7. coldwater diver

    My Heartbreak Collection of Shards n Broken Bottles

    Sandchip this is for you. I am a hoarder of sorts, I just don't see how I cannot take these "if only they were whole shards n broken chipped cracked bottles" home with me. The ones you will see here are from a period of about 11-12years. The first is a Stoddard Flag Flask. I apologize in advance...
  8. coldwater diver

    First Dive and Finds 2018

    Let me start by wishing all of you out there in this hobby (or obsession) of bottle collecting a Happy Healthy New Year! I will follow with I know its cold and I'm not crazy. So for the past twenty or so years I start the year off by diving. I usually dont mind the cold however it was 3 degree...
  9. coldwater diver

    2017 Finds

    I know the year is not over but here is the Beginning of my finds for the year, more to follow once I figure out how to get my photos off the phone. This has been a difficult year for me so I have not had as many opportunities to get out. I will start this thread with some signs found while...
  10. coldwater diver

    2016 Finds Year in Review

    Figured I would do this again, anyone can put in your best Finds, Heart Breaker, and Shards from the past year. Happy Hunting in the New Year. Kevin Best Bottles category Mine were Three open pontil utilities A Nice Cathedral Pickle (smooth base) Nice Blue NY Medical University, and a Charles...
  11. coldwater diver

    Almost cold enough for diving!

    Sounds crazy but this is when I really begin to look, Woke up it was 11degrees out. Driving to one of my favorite spots could see lots of sea smoke in the early morning sun. Sea smoke is when the ocean waters are warmer than the air, the colder it is the more smoke there is. There was only one...
  12. coldwater diver

    Native American Ceramic??

    Hi guys while diving for oysters in a place Ive been many times before I found what looks like "early". I have found a shard before in fresh water, does anyone have any knowledge of what this is? The area it was found in is a coastal sal****er river right in an area thats been in use since 1660...
  13. coldwater diver

    Ugliest Fish Ever

    Im sure youve all ended up somewhere on the internet, and said how in the hell did I end up here, Yep, that what happened to me and I thought I would share with the rest of you. I hope I never see one of these anytime soon underwater. FISHING TEAM CATCHES GHOULISH, WINGED FISH A industrial...
  14. coldwater diver

    Ceramic Insulator

    Hi Guys found this in a recent dive in Maine. Its an interesting shape that Ive not seen before. I would be interested to learn more about it if anyone has knowledge about it. Thanks for looking. Kevin
  15. coldwater diver

    Keene nh bottle show tomorrw 10/09/16

    Anybody going to this. Im surprised I am the first to post it. My kids are grown now so no soccer games to attend, so unless a tree falls on me Im going. The 49th Annual Keene Bottle Show & Sale Sunday, October 9th, 9 AM - 2:30 PM Keene High School, 43 Arch Street, Keene, New Hampshire 03431
  16. coldwater diver

    Couple of Flounder a Cool Pipe and a HEART BREAKER!

    So its summer in Maine and all the yahoos are boating,fishing, most of the freshwater is murky with freakishly large snapper turtles swimming around. Other areas become unsafe due to water temp and bacteria levels in water so I really am limited in summer. Sal****er is great except for the boats...
  17. coldwater diver

    A Pocket of Shards

    Hi All, Not much to report for finds lately but its not for a lack of trying. I often travel far and wide to hunt for bottles and most often discover the site is devoid of anything remotely collectible. Other times rocky bottoms muddy bottoms really bad neighborhood etc. Sometimes you...
  18. coldwater diver

    Jinx ! You better believe it.

    I'm not sure if you all have your own superstitions, but I do. One of mine is never put your snow shovels away until end of May early June, or anything related to winter. So Im driving home this past weekend and my neighbor Joe is removing all the plow stakes from his front lawn(Just so the town...
  19. coldwater diver

    Incident at the Enfield Ct Bottle Show?

    I heard part of a story, and was wondering if any out there knew more as it involves theft of a bottle. From what I know a woman was at the table of a seller and when the seller was distracted for a moment the bottle was missing. He confronted said woman and said he wanted to look inside her...
  20. coldwater diver

    New England Antique Bottle Club 50TH !!!!!!!!!

    Just to let you know this is the 50Th Annual Bottle Show and Sale, Sunday Apil 3rd 9:00 am - 2:00 pm at the Dover Elks Lodge 282 Durham Rd. Dover, N.H For info call Jack Pelletier(207) 839-4389 Gerry Sirois (207) 773-0148​

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