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    Lightning rod globe

    Wondering if anyone knows if this globe is common or not, or any info where made? 3piece mold, W. C .Shinn Mfg Co. Thanks,Rick☺
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    Pumpkin seed info ?

    Hi all ,just wondering if anyone has info on this pumpkin seed . Was it a major brand name whiskey ,or a localized product . Have not seen this embossing before and liked the double ring neck .Thanks for any info ![:)]
  3. D

    Glass orbs

    Some Akros ,some of these were from Caton Ohio marble show ,show is this weekend .
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    Locals and cream top date

    this a local one only one i have dug that did not wipe off
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    What state ?

    Dug this pharmacy bottle but have no clue where it is from ,anyone recognize it ?[:)]
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    Dug found and tripped over stuff

    The following pics are things that were dug ,found at bottle and marble shows ,and tripped over stone points and tools .First is a local acl milk bottle ,the only one i have dug that did not wipe off after coming out of ground . Still slow at computer skills so may take a while.
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    What it is .

    Posted one of these some time ago ,lots of ideas what is was .Bird waterer was one of the answers.I wanted to believe it was something else like a shot glass for the old crock whiskey jugs (have some with glazing inside) ,a candle holder,anything but bird waterer.The openings all seemed about...
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    Fried Marbles

    My grandaughter is 4 and likes to be busy ,so we fried marbles .They were popular i think in the late 60's--early70's for jewelry ,earrings ,necklaces ,etc. Recipe for fried marbles-1obtain cheap clear or transparent colored marbles 2 place marbles in pan heat on low to med heat and...
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    Sample KT ?

    Got these two at Columbus show .Wondering about the small triangle shaped one ,is it sample size or something else ,and what KT number is it if poison (has x ,m in a circle and a 1 on bottom)? Also have not seen the Jno Wyeth &Bros ,poison on both sides rectangle shaped .What is KR number ...
  10. D

    Columbus Show Stuff

    Went to the Columbus show with buddy ,got to meet George (Liberty Bell) and Bill (Dollar Bill) .Good to meet you guys !.Lots of awesome glass there ,had to leave before i spent over my budget [:D]. Pics of stuff i got,these are MM Fenners [:)]
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    Acl "s

    I do not know acls ,any one collect these or are they too common ? The one i am keeping is local - The CamdenClub Coca Cola Bottling Oil City,PA Thanks for looking ,if interested let me know[:)]
  12. D

    Hotel Steim

    Was looking through the bucket of metal stuff saved from digging and noticed this was stamped .Before pic.[:)]
  13. D

    Michigan bottles for Nic

    Nic here are pics ,put them in buy sell swap section to avoid reprimands [:D] Will sell them but prefer trading ,will trade for bottles ,marbles or ? They both have a small chip on bottom and some staining (need a litlle better cleaning maybe),shows in pic .Let me know what you think .
  14. D

    How was it made ?

    This little fella is 2" tall .There are no mold lines anywhere on this thing ,neck is slightly off center and crooked ,odd bulges in sides with what look like horseshoe marks on all 4 sides .The lip looks too perfect and the bottom has a raised dimple in the center but looks almost polished or...
  15. D

    Some new locals and others.

    One local druggist and one not too distant beer .
  16. D

    Coke marble w/Pepsi colors

    Anybody have a Pepsi one ? [:)]
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    Akro Milky Oxblood

    wwwjoemarbles.com/1Marble%20Picture%20Pages/26Marble%20Pictures%20Home%20Page.htm Hi, this is an Akro milky oxblood ,oxblood was hard for me to id until having one in hand .Not sure if this link will work but if not just type in( Joe Marbles .com) ,an excellent site for mable pictures and...
  18. D

    Paul Pohl Brewing

    Just wondering if this is a common bottle in this color,could not find out much googling .Thanks for any info
  19. D

    Congress Waters

    This is for Red ,in another post you asked about bottoms of these ,pictures of bottles,lips and bottoms .The one without the tie wire is from Gunther .Thanks for asking about them Red ,hope pics are ok .
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    Chamberlain &Co.

    Hi stopped at he antique store looking for local bottles and marbles ,found both and this one it is not local but i have different variation no label and liked this one .According to the claims it cured pertnear everything

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