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  1. J

    -Atlas- Mason's Patent Jar with mixed color.

    What color is this jar? It seems to be mixed of green and brown/yellow, but the top part seems to be aqua. Any info about this would be helpful. Thanks. The top is pretty sharp, not smooth.
  2. J

    Unusual glass jar lid with patent dates

    Can anyone tell me anything about this lid? It is glass, rises up in the middle, and has no threads. Doesn't appear to be one of the flat lids you use with a ring either. Definitely not the ceramic insert in a zinc lid. I'll try to attach some pics. In the middle, where it's raised, there...
  3. J

    Jar only says mason

    I found an old canning jar with a sharp edge at the top, says only 'mason' diagonally and has a symbol I haven't seen before. It's light aqua, has a 2 on the bottom, has some bubbles, but has a seam that seems to go all the way to the top. Different shape than most of mine, maybe similar to the...

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