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    Coca-cola bottles

    I checked eBay under "sold Listings" to see what the current market is... one NOS (New Old Stock) still in the box sold for $130 in December. Not sure if the liquid inside is original or if it was added later for display purposes. I personally don't think it adds or takes away to the value. most...
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    7up 'White Swimsuit Girl' bottle

    Congrats on the addition! Great bottle! Looks like a very old one due to the paint/logo application and logo... nice find for sure!
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    Rare Vancouver BC Pepsi

    Wow hard to find a nice, intact, Pepsi paper label bottle and green glass! Killer find! Congrats... Like the history of Pepsi also.... great post.
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    Hire's ACL.

    Wow.. don't know if I could wait that long... That turned out really nice.. I like the Hires ACLs... they have a nice design. Congrats. RoyalRuby - Can't beat Hobble-skirts for a dollar! Nice picks
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    Hires to Canada!

    Great examples there... I love Hires... started collecting it after I bought a Hires floor cooler (needs some TLC) You've got a great looking collection.
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    Paper Label SPUR bottles

    They came with another paper label bottle for tomato juice that had the same stopper... I'm sure the stoppers were for once the bottle was open they could be resealed... there are other caps I've seen on eBay that look like larger crown/caps that have the little latch arm thing for resealing...
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    Paper Label SPUR bottles

    Just bought these at a small auction... I never see Spur soda bottles... not around here in Missouri anyway.... And these are the first paper label I've seen for Spur... not sure of the year so someone here with the knowledge to understand the embossed info on the bottom please chime in. And...
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    Didn't expect to find this when looking for bottles

    awesome find! Congrats!
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    Latest buys

    Thank you... it's a great survivor...
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    Latest buys

    Picked up a nice Pepsi double dot crate with 22 Pepsi bottles... no labels as I'm sure they came off decades ago.. they date 1941 on the bottom.. also got a few Hires and a clean Coke button and a Dr Wells cooler... cooler is from the mid/late 40s... All Came from up New York way... picked up at...
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    Hires Root Beer ACL.

    yeah wait for a while before cleaning... nice find.. does look good... Nice find!
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    Faygo "Ghost sign" recreated at Faygo plant

    Just wow... can't believe that was vandalized... no respect... That depresses me... Note the new mural on the building is up high to make it harder for this type of person to ruin. Thanks for posting this.... I think I'm gonna draw it too.
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    Canadian Pepsi double dot ACL

    Dang nice crate... bottles cleaned up well...
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    One of a Kind Dr. Pepper Bottle for sale!

    They are rare that they made it out of the bottling plant due to quality control... but best way to find out what it's worth is place it in an auction like eBay... there are "Error" bottles there all the time. Grape caps on an Orange soda, cigarette in a full bottle, etc. It's worth what some...
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    7-Up bottle

    CanadianBottles is correct it is to hold the bottle in place when the screens/ink hits the bottle.
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    7up carton and bottle

    Nice cartons.... fill one and maybe leave the other unused and display behind the full one... nice buys!
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    My labeled medicines and Druggists... so far.

    Very cool.. you need an old doctors bag to display these with... very nice collection you having go there...
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    HOWDY Soda Need some help

    Thanks SodaBob for posting... you've been quiet for a while.
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    Lucky Club / Holiday Bottles / St. Louis, Missouri

    Always enjoy your post, the history you have on each brand you collect, the images, your bottles always seem/look mint... Great info, great stuff. Keep 'em coming.
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    Can you post the image... I'm betting 1946 but would like to see the bottom embossing to be sure... folks here have a lot of knowledge but helps to see images.

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