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  1. bottle-bud

    A glimpse into my collection (1) "The Wall"

    Cool Collection! A nice assortment of different style bottles. Keep it growing!
  2. bottle-bud

    Coca Cola soda water

    Definitely 1958, made by the Owens Illinois Glass Co. in Fairmont, West Virginia.
  3. bottle-bud

    Whistle Bottling Company

    Even though my passion these days is collecting St. Louis marked bottles, on occasion I will acquire a bottle that appeals to me. This Whistle bottle did just that, I like the fact that it has a square base to it and has a nice color. This bottle is from the Whistle Bottling Co. of Granite City...
  4. bottle-bud

    Tab ginger ale bottle

    I always thought Tab was just one Of Coca Cola's Diet Cola's, but it turns out there were several flavors of sugar free Tab sodas' This ad is 1975, so your guess is correct mid to late 1970's bottle.
  5. bottle-bud

    Identify thin-walled round-bottomed with external turned lip

    From a 1906 Illinois Glass Company catalogue, looks like it could possibly be a show bottle. What is a show bottle used for? Trying to find out!
  6. bottle-bud

    Warren Arkansas soda

    Its not a NuGrape bottle, NuGrape soda had their own distinctive shape. Now it could have come from a Nugrape Bottling Company if there was one in Warren. I am guessing a local bottling company in Warren used this bottle for any number of flavors.
  7. bottle-bud

    Have you seen a USA bottle like this?

    I have better than 800 bottles in my collection, all American and no style like that.
  8. bottle-bud

    Queen City bottling company

    hmmm, I wonder who else used vim, vigor & vitality to describe there soda. 3V Cola surely did in 1958
  9. bottle-bud

    Queen City bottling company

    Looks like VIM was the name of Queen City's Ginger Ale. Found ads that date from 1915 to 1920. Could be a wider range of dates though. Found this ad in the Cincinnati Enquirer dated July of 1920.
  10. bottle-bud

    Modified R.C. Cola bottle?

    I remember these bottles, all sorts of different brands, that were prizes for carnival games. Had two in my collection for many years until one broke. I do not miss it. I had to look, mine is an RC also. I do not hold any real value to it maybe a buck or two.
  11. bottle-bud

    DR Pepper Bottles

    For some reason I had trouble uploading pic, this new format had me confused for a bit. I didn't want to show them so big! Hopefully I got it now.
  12. bottle-bud

    DR Pepper Bottles

    I have three versions of that bottle, two are marked St. Louis, Mo. Also found a picture of the local Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. with trucks, ca 1930's
  13. bottle-bud

    Cork tops & Commons

    Cool video. Thanks for sharing! Wish I had a place to find bottles like that, mostly concrete and asphalt around here. LOL
  14. bottle-bud

    Paper Label SPUR bottles

    Cool bottles! I like the embossing around the neck and the textured glass. I don't recall seeing paper label versions of Spur in the St. Louis area, mainly the six or seven ounce acl versions. I agree with the other comments that the closures are not original to the bottle, would have had a...
  15. bottle-bud

    Pittsburgh Heinz History Museum Bottles

    Fantastic, Enjoyed the tour!
  16. bottle-bud

    Cherry 7 Up

    Iggy, you were absolutely correct in that Cherry 7 up was introduced in 1987. I found an article in an old newspaper article that stated the Seven Up Co. was introducing Cherry 7 Up to lure youngsters to drinking their new flavor. So my bottle definitely dates to 1987 or later. Thanks
  17. bottle-bud

    Cherry 7 Up

    Thanks for all the input. I can now narrow down the date of the bottle being the early 1980's and a not so common bottle. Perhaps one last hurrah for a soda in a returnable glass bottle before everything came in cans and plastic.
  18. bottle-bud

    Cherry 7 Up

    Purchased this Cherry 7 Up today for $15.00 at a local anitique mall. Never seen one before and it was especially clean. Cannot make out the makers mark as it has a really shallow impression almost looks like a star in a circle with 770 next to it. Could not find that mark in my usual sources. I...
  19. bottle-bud

    Few of my St. Louis Colored Soda's

    Excellent bottles. What does M & W represent?
  20. bottle-bud

    Found a (Howdy) Blue Bird!

    I have examples of Cherry Blossoms and Howdy bottles and have had a Blue Bird bottle in my collection but never seen all three names on one bottle. Cool bottle or what's left of it.

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